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The Philippines government provides free internet for their people known as Piso WiFi. You can visit your admin portal via the address on your browser. You can pause this internet connection on your device to keep your device secure and have less data use. Piso Wifi is a public data network; anyone can get access and disturb your privacy if you do not have any security measures. We will discuss all the key factors of Piso Wifi.

What is Piso Wifi?

A few years back, the Philippines government took a major step to provide free internet to the public. And this free internet service is known as Piso Wifi. You can access your admin side via the web address. If you do not have a modem, then you can connect to public routers. But if you have a modem, then you can make connections easily as a personal network for better bandwidth and security.

What is Piso Wifi Pause?

You can pause the Piso Wifi connection for safety and extra expenses. Pausing the Piso Wifi connection will make a pause between your device and the internet so that nobody will connect. You cannot use Wifi and someone cannot hack you as you do not have a connection. But you must have good security for your modem access, otherwise pausing will not help in saving your data and your privacy. We will discuss pausing Piso Wifi Later along with its method.

How to log in to the admin portal of Piso Wifi?

The answer is already given to the question. You can log into your admin portal by writing in your web browser. You will only be able to log into the admin portal of Piso Wifi if you are connected to Piso Wifi. Otherwise, it will not allow you to log into the admin portal of Piso Wifi. The following step-by-step procedure will help you log into the admin portal of

  • Connect to Piso Wifi
  • Open your browser such as Vivaldi, Edge, Google, Firefox, etc.
  • Write in your browser’s search bar
  • Enter the login credentials of your Piso Wifi [If you have not changed the default password or username, then the default username is “admin” and the password is “password,” “1234”, or “admin”. It must be one of these.]
  • Click on the Login button and it will take you to the admin portal of Piso Wifi.

How to Reset Modem of Piso Wifi?

There could be a few reasons that can make you want to reset your modem, such as forgetting the Piso Wifi admin password. If you cannot connect to Piso Wifi, then resetting will reset all the settings to the default state. The following step-by-step instructions will help you reset the Modem of Piso Wifi:

  • Unplug your modem at your home
  • There will be a small reset button on the left of the ports
  • Press the reset button for 10+ seconds until the lights go off and on.
  • Now your device is reset perfectly. You can use the default password to log into the admin portal.

Errors during the signing into Piso Wifi?

Some possibilities could occur during the signing procedure of Piso Wifi. We will try to discuss all the problems and their solutions. The following are the problems and solutions for signing into Piso Wifi:

  • You are not connected with Piso Wifi, your gateway is different from Piso Wifi. Your device is connected to another device, so make sure you are connected to Piso Wifi.
  • Most of the users misspell it as “,” which is wrong. And some other search for “” which is also the wrong method. You do not have to put “.com” at the end of the URL. And you must search for “” or “”
  • If you are still facing issues in logging into Piso wifi then try restarting your modem, clearing the device cache and cookies, or restarting your device such as your laptop, mobile, etc.
  • After all these issues, if you still are unable to sign into Piso Wifi, then you can reset your Piso wifi modem. This is the last option because it will delete all your passwords and settings. The procedure is given above.

How to set the timer for Piso Wifi Pause?

You can set the timer for Piso Wifi Pause. Pausing will help you to secure your devices because Piso Wifi is a public network. If you do not have strong network security, hackers can easily hack your devices and steal personal information. So, if you want to set a timer, then log in to the admin portal. Choose the time according to need, minimum time can be set as 15 minutes. You can control the bandwidth of the network and its usage of the network.

How to disable Piso Wifi Pause?

If you do not want to use the Pause feature of Piso Wifi, then you can disable this by visiting and logging into If you are using the internet continuously, then there is no need to pause it. Pausing means you are not using the network, so you are pausing it and giving benefits to others.

How to change login credentials for Piso Wifi?

You can change the login credentials by logging into the Piso Wifi Admin portal. It is recommended to change the username and password after the first login, because of security reasons. Otherwise, it will be easy to steal your personal information for hackers and public users.

Summary is an admin platform login web address for Piso Wifi. Piso Wifi is the service provided to the public of the Philippines by their government. You can pause your internet consumption to give benefits to others and for the safety of your own. It will prevent hackers and public users from hacking your account.

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