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10 Top Cloud Computing Blogs 

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What is cloud computing? Put simply, it’s the delivery of computing resources over the internet, allowing users to access those resources from anywhere and pay for only what they use rather than buying all the computing equipment up front. It offers cost savings, scalability, high performance, economies of scale, and other benefits that make it well-suited to today’s technology needs and demands. 

1) The Cloud Accounting Software Blog 

The cloud computing blogs are all about cloud accounting software, as well as new products and services in cloud computing. This is a great way to get news on what’s happening in your industry, whether you’re an expert or novice. Most of these sites also feature information on new companies that are available, who’s purchasing them and how they are making changes to their infrastructure. When you keep yourself up-to-date with cloud computing blogs, you’ll be able to find out about any changes or problems before anyone else does. You can follow more than one site so that you aren’t missing out on anything important. just make sure that when you do start reading each one, don’t get overwhelmed. 

2) Cloud Tech Talk 

Cloud Tech Talk is an online publication that offers expert insights into cloud computing, software-as-service, and mobility. Topics covered on Cloud Tech Talk include big data, business intelligence, software development and application management. The site also includes interviews with industry experts, who discuss trends in cloud technology. It’s a great place to start if you are looking for basic information about cloud computing without all of the jargon. Cloud Computing Weekly. With a focus on practical applications of cloud computing technologies and their impact on business, Cloud Computing Weekly has become one of most popular sites for news regarding new developments in cloud technology worldwide. Security Now. 

3) Enterprise Hosting News 

Cloud computing is taking the world by storm. Companies in every industry are adopting it, including technology giants like Apple and Google. The ever-growing popularity of cloud computing is a testament to its many benefits. It offers cost savings, scalability, high performance, economies of scale to name just a few. You don’t need to be an enterprise-level company with fat stacks of cash to reap these rewards even small businesses can benefit from using cloud services. 

4) CloudNews India is a leading and influential Technology News Platform in India. It’s an online magazine for business decision makers, entrepreneurs and students who are fascinated with technology. Every month millions of people read about new products, trends and services in cloud computing that have a big impact on businesses, enabling them to make decisions faster than their competitors! Get news from CloudNews India on cloud technology using keywords like Hybrid Clouds, PaaS or IaaS today and you won’t be disappointed. 

5) iForum India 

This popular tech news site in India covers everything from smartphones to IT, with a healthy focus on cloud computing. The articles are written by tech experts and enthusiasts, and are regularly updated to ensure that you get up-to-date information on all things cloud. Learn more about Indian cloud computing through Forums reports, reviews, and other cloud related content. If you’re looking for honest opinions about local providers or software, visit regularly for thorough analysis of both local and international solutions. These posts are more about what is happening at iForum than what is happening around cloud technology generally. But don’t worry there is plenty of global news available as well. 

6) Virtualization Practice 

When talking about cloud computing, it’s important to distinguish between IaaS and SaaS. Cloud-based computing services are offered as IaaS, or Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. This means that they deliver CPU, RAM, hard drives and other software from remote data centers over an internet connection. This is different from what’s called Software as a Service, which delivers hosted applications (like CRM) over an internet connection with no direct control for individual users. With both forms of cloud computing you can use virtualization techniques to host more than one application on one physical server enabling higher utilization of resources, better consolidation and cost savings overall. 

7) Cloud Enablement Asia Pacific (CEAPAC) 

The Cloud Enablement Asia Pacific (CEAPAC) community is a multi-stakeholder association established to enable and advance Cloud in Asia Pacific. The core focus of CEAPAC is a set of initiatives that aim to enable and create awareness about cloud services in APAC. To achieve these objectives, we have identified six pillars as a key enabler for our goals: Government, Education, SME’s, Large Enterprises, Startups & Media.  

8) Startups Business News USA 

Staying up-to-date on cloud computing and new technologies is critical to any entrepreneur. Here are 10 of our favorite cloud computing blogs. With content ranging from business tips to tech insights, these resources will help you stay ahead of industry trends in IT. Each one offers a unique perspective into an industry that is rapidly transforming the way we live and work. Whether you’re looking for information about emerging trends or detailed technical how-tos, check out these blogs for some great reads. They’ll give you useful insights from experts that can help shape your business strategies while they keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in tech news today. 

9) Microsoft Cloud Whiteboard series 

Get a step-by-step guided tour through everything you need to know about Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and cloud solutions in general. From how it works to how to set it up, there’s something for everyone in these tutorials. If you’re trying to get your head around what cloud computing is all about, these blogs are a great place to start! (You can view more of their content here.) Note: Most of these blogs are only available by subscription but even if you aren’t considering cloud computing solutions right now, their content on technology trends is helpful across disciplines. 

10) OpenStack Tracker 

Just like open source software, cloud computing is open to anyone who wants to modify it and run it. With that freedom comes a lot of responsibility. You can’t just trust any old data on someone else’s cloud. That’s why OpenStack Tracker exists to monitor what companies are doing with their free cloud software. Keep tabs on these top companies in case you want to use their cloud for your own business some day. It’ll be a little easier if you already know how they operate before deciding whether you trust them or not. These blogs will help you keep up with what big names like Alibaba, Cisco, eBay and others are doing with OpenStack and other related projects. 

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