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3 Best Online Masterclass for Art 

Are you an art enthusiast and would like to be an art professional? It is never too late to learn anything. Online learning resources have been of immense help to learning. The good thing is that you could begin with simple tools like paint, pencil, paper, or pixel, depending on the most suitable. 

These online masterclasses are not only limited to learners. If you are a professional and want to sell your skills or artwork, most of these online resources like Udemy are the perfect answer to the questions. Therefore, go through the three options expounded below to benefit. 

  1. Udemy the Complete Drawing Masterclass 

Udemy comes out with the best content at the best prices. If you want to be a master drawer and use a lower budget, visit the masterclasses at Udemy. Udemy possesses loads of artists’ masterclasses and quite often runs flash sales. You will be able to learn new techniques for drawing and advance quickly from the beginner to the advanced levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist, the Udemy masterclass will serve you well. Also, you may click on the link to learn ‘how to sell art online.’ 

What you will be able to learn with the Udemy masterclass 

There is different skillet to learn in drawing to make you a complete artist. Udemy is dedicated to making you a professional artist with the following skills; 

  • Learn line, gesture drawing, contour drawing, portrait drawing, perspective drawing, and structural drawing. 
  • You will also get the chance to learn about drawing everyday objects, scenes, animals, and people and the use of effective techniques. 
  • Additionally, you will learn about the techniques of industry-standard drawing. 
  • Learn about drawing from imagination 
  • Draw conceptual and realistic content with an appropriate light or shadow, value, form, and texture. 
  • Learn to draw from your imagination 

With the Udemy masterclass session, the requirements for being in the class are straightforward. You could follow along with the class using paper, a pencil, and an eraser. You could also opt for advanced drawing tools like vine and compressed charcoal, kneaded eraser, blending stump, chamois, and a ruler. Finally, also put on a willing attitude toward learning and practice drawing. 

By completing the drawing course, you will already produce a portfolio of amazing drawings that includes accurate portrait drawings, professional landscape drawings, and artistic still life drawings, among others. 

  1. Vilppu Academy – Drawing Courses 

Glenn Vilppu is a renowned drawing tutor. You can find his drawing courses in one place, at Vilppu Academy. Compared to Udemy, Glenn Vilppu’s courses are a bit more expensive but very personal and extensive. The weekly feedback for students’ work demonstrates that kind of engagement. You will send an assignment and video lesson each week, and you will be able to email them once you have completed them. Your work will then be reviewed and then sent back to you. Additionally, you will also be able to participate in group discussions and ask your project questions directly to Glenn during a session of questions and answers, similar to attending a bricks-and-mortar art class. 

What are the Essentials for Class Outline? 

  • Week 1-Drawing Basics 

Physicality, materials, fundamentals of value, and line 

  • Week 2-Drawing as a Tool 

Blocking in /Lay-ins, the thumbnail, final development basic procedure, from general to specific. 

  • Week 3 

In week three, you get the essentials of how to study sources 

  • Week 4 

In week four, you will learn about drawing from observation 

  • Week 5- Describing Form-Form Analysis 

Simplification, geometrical solids, a combination of forms, Modeling Tone, and Indirect Lightning for describing the forms. 

  • Week 6-Creation of a sense of Realism 

Core, direct lighting, cast shadows, reflected light, and cast shadows. 

  • Week 7 

Week 7’s lesson is the overview of the reference material used and how you should use it effectively in figure drawing. 

  • Week 8 

In week 8, you will get a video about the use of photos in painting heads and drawing, and you will get a glimpse of some of the basic problems and pitfalls in photograph usage in drawing heads. You will get an assignment on drawing heads using a photograph. 

  • Week 9 

Week 9 involves using a camera as a sketchbook or a reference landscapes’ further development as a subject matter. 

  • Week 10 

This week involves animal drawings and photos used for reference and research. 

  1. New Masters Academy 

This type involves a ‘Netflix’ style of Art Academy as a platform that is based on subscription. You will only be charged $35 every month, thus having access to 2000 plus hours of the learning material. It also includes more than 50,000 images to use for practicing. The new Masters Academy has many painting, drawing, and sculpture classes. The classes also cover various topics such as portraits, landscapes, anatomy, and art theory. Additionally, they have coaching program options for additional fees. 

The new master’s academy also provides incredibly high-quality tutorials at a lower monthly cost. This master class will teach you about painting, drawing, composition, sculpture, perspective, and anatomy through top-quality art tutorials from renowned artists. 

Final Thoughts

The three drawing masterclasses described above are one of the best in 2022. In terms of cost, you are better covered by Udemy. If you prefer a more personalized learning experience where you can talk to the tutor, Vilppu Academy comes in handy. 

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