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3 Point Slinger For Camera: Top 10 Best 3-Point Slinger For Camera (Briefing)

3 Point Slinger for Camera
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Are you tired of holding your camera when not using it? Is your camera heavy and want to get rid of its problem? If you are a tourist and are worried about the safety of your camera, then read this article till the end. 3 Point Slinger solves your problems. You can use 3 Point Slinger to carry your camera wherever you wanted with minimum or less effort.

What is 3 Point Slinger for Camera?

3 Point Slinger is a camera carry tool; you can hold the camera without using your hands. If you are a tourist and love to capture all the moments with you on camera, then a 3-point slinger is perfect for you. You can access your camera within a second. No need to take it out of the bag or hold it in hand continuously. You can use the Camera whenever you wanted with no problem.

3 Point Slinger carries not only your camera but also keeps your equipment safe. There are more chances of damaging lenses in the bag, whereas it is quite safe in front of your eyes. 3 Point Slinger is of several types and shapes. In this article, we will explain which slinger is best for you.

Why do people use 3 Point Slinger for the Camera?

Easy To Carry

People do tours in different states and countries and capture the moments they enjoy. Whenever they have some fun, they want to capture that moment for memories. But it is difficult to take out the camera from the bag or hold the camera in your hand always. So, the first solution is a 3-point Slinger. It will carry your camera with you with easy access. You do not have to assemble or disassemble lenses. Whenever you witness a view or moment, wrap your hand quickly around the camera and take a shot with no waste of time.

Safety of Equipment

Another reason for the 3 Point Slinger camera is safety. The camera out of the bag is more secure. A lot of time in the streets our bag got intact with other persons or things that could damage camera lenses. And there is less chance of being stolen from your bag. If you keep your camera in your backpack, then lenses could get damaged in the bag, or you must disassemble it before placing it. It could take time and you may miss the chance of saving beautiful moments of your life.

What is best to carry a camera?

If you are a tourist and carry a camera with you to share moments, then a 3-point slinger is best for you. 3 Point Slinger is the camera holder for your trip. You can access your camera easily; it is portable and not expensive as well. 3 Point Slinger also keeps your lenses and camera from damage.

How much does a 3-Point Slinger for a Camera Cost?

3 Point Slinger ranges from economic to expensive. There are different ranges available depending on the quality and camera type. 3 Point Slinger starts from $10 to more than $200. It only depends upon your choice and camera type.

Are 3 Point Slinger expensive?

No, 3 Point Slinger is not expensive as compared to the camera and its lenses. You can get a 3-point slinger for low prices as well as soaring prices. There are different ranges for different 3-point slings starting from $10 to more than $200. You can carry any slinger according to your camera.

How does 3 Point Slinger help you to carry a Camera?

When you keep your camera in your bag, then it is difficult to take it out to capture beautiful moments. Suppose you are visiting a hillside, you witness a scene of birds crossing through the Sun in the Sky during sunset, then there is very less time to capture the moment. You must have the camera with you at that moment. And you also cannot carry the camera the entire day for only one moment.

So, you can use a 3-point slinger to carry a camera. 3 Point slinger is a strap that makes the camera in your range. Its belt goes around your shoulder and back. This means that the camera will be in front of your belly or over your ribs which is extremely easy to access and effortless to carry with you.

Are there varied sizes for different Cameras?

Yes, there are different 3 Point Slingers for Different cameras. Their sizes and lenses matter. Even assorted designs and sizes cause a substantial change in their prices.

Which are the best 3 Point Slingers for the Camera?


PiuQ is a slinger with a screw to attach the camera. It is less secure as it does not cover its body. 


Ocim is more secure than PiuQ and it is a bit more expensive than PiuQ as well. You can connect two belts to keep your camera safe from falling.


Waka is further better than Ocim as it has a small pocket on the side to keep important things with you. You can have spare memory cards or a small pocket cloth to clean the lenses.


Altura provides a pocket on your shoulder so you can keep extra things like a memory card or batteries for backup. It is like the other 3 Point Slingers.


It is better than the others as it has two pockets for accessories, and you can place a camera on a tripod while wearing a 3-point slinger.

Photos & Tech

It is extraordinarily strong. You can carry a heavy camera attached to a lot of lenses. It can hold up to 660 lbs. (300Kg) of weight.


It is one of the best, as it has more safety measures such as a double lock, shoulder lock, and a padded strap. 

Black Rapid Original

It is made of quality material and looks good while wearing. It is double the price of the above-mentioned 3-point Slinger.

Cotton Carrier Scout G2

It does not have a long belt. Your camera will stay right in front of your chest. A lot of people prefer this because of each access.

Black Rapid Hybrid

It is the most expensive 3-point slinger. It is like Black Rapid Original, but you can carry two cameras at the same time.


3 Point Slinger is used to carry and keep the camera safe while on tour or visiting a place. It makes your life easier. You can capture your favorite moments with easy access to your camera. In this article, we have described 10 different 3 Point Slingers.

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