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3875 Ninth Avenue Construction Projects

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While New York City is already a hub of entertainment and luxury, rental development is still catching up. The New York construction department recently approved a massive expansion at 3875 Ninth Avenue. This construction project is a mixed-use building in Manhattan Indwood Neighborhood.

After almost 7 years of buying the land, Joy Construction and Madd Equities are ready to develop it. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most well-known names in the residential construction world.

If you don’t know much about it, fret not. We got you covered. From the neighborhood to the street and construction project, we will help guide you.

So, gear up for the ride.

Inwood Insights:

Inwood is a neighborhood in the northernmost section of Manhattan, New York City. The Hudson River bounds it to the west, the Harlem River to the north and east, and the Washington Heights neighborhood to the south.

Its diverse community, natural beauty, and historic architecture are what Inwood is known for

Inwood is primarily a residential neighborhood comprising apartments and single-family homes. It has various structures, many of which have Art Deco and Art Moderne architectural styles.  There also has been an increase in new construction and development in recent years.

Moreover, its diverse community and vibrant cultural scenes render it one of the most preferred places to live.

What is it known for:

The historic and diverse areas of Inwood specifically characterize it. People also love its picturesque view of the Hudson River and Harlem. Both of them add to the beauty and serenity of the place. Hence, making it people’s favorite residential choice.

The awestruck historical sites in Inwood date back to colonial times. Some even touch on the American Revolution. Furthermore, it is also one of the world’s leading financial and cultural centers.

Should I live here:

We got you if you are wondering whether or not to inhabit residential projects in Inwood.

Inwood is a peaceful neighborhood for most people to live in. Along with beautiful views of the Hudson River, it comes with all the necessities and Amenities for residents. Moreover, with many construction projects, it is only growing and developing.

It wouldn’t be a wrong choice to inhabit.

Insights of the Project

Madd Equities developed this project to construct a 30-story tall tower. Predictably, it will house around 614 units. It envisions providing maximum facilities to the residents of the state. Hence, the housing will be kept affordable for middle-income families.

The development is located at the waterfront edge of Inwood with a beautiful and serene view. Moreover, according to the current information, the idea of this project is to allocate 484,972 square feet to residential space and 61,664 square feet to commercial space. It will also include around 122 parking spaces for the convenience of its residents.

Henceforth, the structure will have a top height of 295 feet and a total area of about 544,000 square feet.

Design of the Project:

Regarding the design of the project, no compromises have been made. It indeed reflects top-notch aesthetics and creativity. There is a traditional window grid and a beige masonry curtain wall.

 Moreover, the elevation features alternating patterns of various shades of brown alongside. It also comes with full-height glass on the first and second floors of the building. Retail space is more likely to reserve these stories. The information about amenities still needs to be clarified.

However, it is looking out to be an exciting project for the state’s residents.

Architects and Developers of the Project:

Many well-known names and renowned architects are working on the construction of this project. For instance, the founder and managing principal of Madd Equities, Jorge Madruga, is the place’s owner.

Maddd Equities is a real estate development and investment firm based in New York City. The company specializes in developing mixed-use properties, affordable housing, and commercial spaces.

Maddd Equities has developed several notable projects throughout New York City, including the Peninsula in the Bronx and the Bedford-Union Armory in Brooklyn.

Moreover, Joy Construction will serve as the general contractor. Not only this but the architects of it are designed by Aufgang Architects.

The three partners founded Aufgang Architects, a New York-based architecture firm, in 2006. The firm provides architectural, interior design, and planning services for various projects, including residential, commercial, institutional, and cultural buildings.

Aufgang Architects’ design philosophy centers on creating meaningful spaces that enhance the human experience. They are known for providing the best designs of the time.


Since the massive developments in NYC, this is likely to be another hit. Undoubtedly. It will change the fate of residential life in Inwood.

We are most anxious to see how it turns out to be.

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