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7 Cities That Every Shopaholic Must Visit In A Lifetime!

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While visiting a new city, you cannot resist scrutinizing the streets to spot distinguishing things to buy. Shopping is the time to bring home the ultimate souvenir from that city. You leave the suitcases in the hotel rooms and do not waste a minute heading towards the iconic and oversized shopping malls.

To satiate your shopping addiction, all you need is a private jet charter to travel to these shopping capitals of the world:

1.  New York

New York sets the standard as the destination shopping city. You will witness its streets flooded with options, and your budget fits right in. The city is buzzing with fast fashion brands such as Zara, UNIQLO, H&M of SoHo, The Prada and Chanel of Fifth Avenue.

Significantly, your explorer instincts can extend to the Barneys or Bergdorf Goodman while sipping cocktails. Each one of your bones will wish for the staff to close up the store and forget you were there. It is the right way to spend a night with Celine bags.

2.  Dubai

Dubai takes up a second position on the list. The Emirate has redefined the shopping experience with the Mall of Emirates, the world’s first shopping resort with an indoor ski slope.

In addition, one can never forget to visit the Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue that delivers a complete feast of high-class fashion designers. It includes Chanel, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Louis Vuitton and Valentino.

Most significantly, you will find a sheer volume of gold on display at Gold Souk. It is a covered market that exhibits dozens of jewelry stores. To illustrate, it resembles a glittering oasis set in the middle of the vast desert.

3.  Chicago

When most folks think of Chicago, they picture the Magnificent Mile, but its commercial culture stretches much beyond that one artery.

Furthermore, venture into Wicker Park for a less congested shopping day with your credit card. For instance, the neighborhood has everything from home décor to designer apparel. Most importantly, P. 45 has all the titles on your reading list.

4.  Milan

Milan is famous across the world for its fashion and the sheer number of beautiful designer boutiques selling every brand name under the sun. What’s in season one month rapidly becomes the fashion faux pas the next, resulting in a plethora of exquisite and nearly-new apparel adorning the windows of outlets and second-hand shops.

Because fashions take approximately a year to reach the likes of London after they’ve debuted in Italy, you may snag affordable cast-offs while still being at the pinnacle of fashion when you return home.

Moreover, the Quadrilatero d’Oro is home to Milan’s most trendy stores. Along Via Montenapoleone, you’ll discover familiar and beloved brands like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Prada, and Christian Dior.

However, if the prices in those boutiques are out of your price range, do not panic! Casually, proceed to Corso di Porta Ticinese or Brera, where you’ll discover a variety of alternative and high street names.

5.  Santa Fe

Santa Fe has also earned a position on our shopping list. The city of New Mexico is a cultural melting pot of Hispanic and Native American cultures, as seen by its numerous museums, galleries, and stores.

Moreover, immerse yourself in the artwork, western apparel, ceramics, and handcrafted jewelry at the downtown Plaza’s adobe-style stores.

6.  Paris

The bustling 8th arrondissement of Paris is home to flagship boutiques for some of the world’s most recognized fashion labels, including Chanel, Hermès, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton.

Beyond the classics, visit the fashionable 3rd arrondissement. We recommend visiting Merci for a combination of high-fashion and offbeat shoes, apparel, and jewelry.

Take a stroll at Canal Saint-Martin, a stylish district suitable for flâneurs, or Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with its small, cobblestoned lanes.

7.  London

London’s shopping is among the greatest in the world, with something to accommodate every style and budget. Additionally, this city has a lot to offer, with high streets lined with boutiques selling everything from top fashion labels to fashion jewelry and marketplaces brimming with vendors selling unusual artwork and amusing gifts.

When it comes to high street shopping in London, Oxford Street is at the top of the list, and that’s where you should go if you only have one day. Camden and Portobello markets are excellent places to find cheap clothes.

Final Takeaway

Sometimes, you spend each saving mindlessly to treat yourself right because life has been hitting you hard. These shopping capitals will serve you right. So, get in contact with the private aircraft management and gain luxurious access to these cities.

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