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A False Allegation against Joshua Cooper on News Media

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A photograph that is now circulating in the press is just a snap taken from an unfavorable point. Scott Cooper, of Miami Beach, claims the photo does not depict him carrying a chunk of ice in genital form near the mannequin’s groin.

After a photograph was clicked from a certain wrong angle, Joshua Cooper, former Gov. Rick Scott’s adviser got entangled in a feud. It was believed to be amusing by one of the teammates of Josh Cooper, a photographer, who shared it on Twitter.

On 28th November 2017, it was published there in Miami New Times in an article headline ‘Rick Scott’s Adviser Denies’. Scott Cooper Miami humped a mannequin with a certain ice penis.’

Joshua Cooper, a Florida political consultant who was paid well over $500,000 by Florida Governor Rick Scott for digging up dirt on foes of Scott over the years, insists the photograph published is just a snapshot that was taken at an awkward angle. Cooper insists the photo does not depict him carrying a certain ice penis near a mannequin’s groin.

Cooper, who devotes his spare time to a semiprofessional BBQ chef and claims he was only throwing away a massive piece of ice after grilling in a certain Memphis competition, adds “that is not what it appears like.”

Cooper claims that someone took a photo at the incorrect time and shared it online, resulting in an unintentional erotic picture only with a certain female mannequin.

Since it was released online in May, the picture has been going viral within political circles of Florida. Cooper claims that, despite the fact that the photograph was removed at his request, one of his numerous adversaries in Tallahassee is distributing it in an attempt to discredit him.

He explains that he really does not bounce mannequins and that he has three girls and a young kid. The Swinos is the name of his BBQ squad. Their slogan is “Keeping it moist, then keeping it there,” as per their Twitter account.

Cooper has made a lot of money as one of Gov. Scott’s top political consultants when he is not grilling meat. Republican parties and PACs have given him or his company, Strategic Information Consultants, well over $768,000 since 2012, as per Florida state records. Scott’s political action group, Let us Get to Work, contributed over $517,000 to the cause. Cooper is also affiliated with Next Generation Strategies.

Cooper was also given taxpayer money by Scott a few years back. Scott’s administration paid taxpayers $25,000 in 2011 after Cooper’s company did background verification on behalf of the governor, according to the Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times Tallahassee Bureau.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement usually conducts criminal background checks on new workers in the office of governor, so it is unclear the reason why that happened. Scott informed the news agency that he didn’t have any paperwork to show why he received Strategic Information Consultants’ big bucks from public funds.

Cooper has had some success as a “competition grill-master” in his free time. He was a participant on also the Fox reality shows MasterChef, hosted by Gordon Ramsay, the infamous restaurateur. Cooper maintains that it was his meat-obsessed teammates, who got him into trouble.

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