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Anime fans out there, anime streaming websites are a godsend since they provide them with an endless supply of fresh anime to watch and drool over. To impress an anime aficionado, it’s a good idea to give them recommendations for new shows to watch. And anime streaming services make it exceedingly easy to do this.

HD-quality anime collections may be found on Hidive Link Device, a streaming portal for anime. I’m here to help you decide whether Hidive is right for you, so I’m going to give you a thorough assessment.

Hidive Price, Platforms, And Other Features Will Be Discussed In This Article.

The popularity of anime and manga has grown as a result of the recent media exposure they have received. The same and even better services may be found on a slew of other websites like Hidive. With these Hidive Link Device substitutes, you’ll have a simpler time viewing anime online while still having a good time.

But what sets Hidive apart is its extensive variety of subtitled and dubbed anime that you can enjoy. Here, you will learn about all these features and more in the Hidive review!

Where Can I Find Things On Hidive?

Hive’s library of anime isn’t exceptional, but it’s definitely unique. This website has a wide variety of hard-to-find anime. Many well-known titles aren’t on offer. In this category, you’ll discover shows like Run with the Wind, Food Wars, and Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? And many more. Adult-oriented material is also available on this site with Hidive Link Device.

Only roughly 500 episodes and movies are now accessible on Hidive. Simulcast videos, which are shown at the same time as Japan, as well as subtitled and dubbed versions are all available on the platform. In addition, the movies are of very good quality.

Anime and other films like Godzilla, which have live-action counterparts, are also available on occasion. Hidive is your best choice if you want to check out the content that only a small number of people do. If you’re a fan of anime and are looking for some lesser-known, but still worthwhile, shows, here is the place to go.

Hide: Pricing And Packages

This Hidive review will focus on what I believe to be the most significant feature of Hidive. If you are on a tight budget yet want to keep up with the latest releases, I highly suggest this platform. To join, all you have to do is pay $4.99 a month and also have their discount using Hidive Promo Code. With this subscription, you’ll be able to access all of its content. These videos are available in 1080p and may be streamed on two devices at the same time.

Hidive also offers a 30-day free trial if you’ve previously signed up but aren’t sure whether you want to continue with your membership. You may cancel your membership at any time within the first 30 days without incurring any fees if you decide to change your mind.

You just need to sign up once to get all of these benefits!

Which Devices Can I Use Hidive With?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Crunchyroll or Funimation, go no further than Hidive, which has excellent cross-platform compatibility. Hidive Link Device may be accessed through the company’s website or a mobile app. In addition to this, Hidive may be accessed through a wide range of media streaming and gaming platforms.

Hidive’s Best Features

Hidive’s other advantages and features will also be covered in my review, which you can read in full here. Hidive Link Device selection of anime may be limited, but it’s still interesting, as I’ve previously said. There are also films from Sentai Filmworks, Hidive’s parent company, included in the collection.

Gatchaman and The Big O are just a few of the programs that fall within this category. By becoming a member, you’ll get access to all of these programs.

The Simulcast episodes are also available in subtitled form. Hidive offers both dubbed and subtitled versions of all of its anime.

You simply need one membership to have access to all of these options. Furthermore, this website’s most notable feature is its interactive and user-friendly design. You may email your friends a link to an anime you wish to watch in device and have them join your private chat room where you can stream it together.

This Platform’s Live Streaming Function Is One Of A Kind.

On top of that, Hidive features typical parental controls that allow you to restrict adult material from one profile, but leave it enabled in the others. A single Hidive Link Device account may be used to log in to three separate accounts. It’s up to you how you want your profile to look.

The Sentai Fireworks shop also sells anime merchandise, and the Hidive official blog has news about the latest releases.

An extensive selection of anime, including subbed and dubbed videos, as well as live streaming.

Hidive: A Quick Overview

We can see that Hidive has a solid score so far in my assessment of Hidive Link Device. There are, however, drawbacks to any platform, and Hidive is no exception. Is this website’s rating in jeopardy because of these restrictions? Come on, let’s do this!

That Hidive isn’t accessible in more countries is perhaps its greatest drawback. Only 100 nations have access to it, including the United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Australia, France, and India, to name a few. Many anime enthusiasts who live in countries where it isn’t accessible are furious about this. However, a virtual private network (VPN) may change your location and allow you to access Hidive.

In addition, unlike Crunchyroll and Funimation, Hidive Link Device does not provide a free and ad-supported interface. Once you get the hang of it, the website’s UI isn’t that bad.

There are also no discounts available to Hidive subscribers on their purchases. Due to the high shipping and customs fees, it may be difficult to get apparent and other items. Hidive, unlike other anime streaming services like Funimation and Crunchyroll, does not allow you to read the manga.

Videos can’t be played back in the app either. Hidive’s video quality isn’t much better, though.

How Many Devices Can One Hidive Account Be Streamed From?

A single Hidive Link Device account may be used to watch anime on two different devices at once. In addition, you may set up three separate profiles from the same account.

Is Hidive Worth The Money?

If you’re searching for a site to watch anime at a reasonable price, Hidive Link Device is certainly worth a try. In terms of availability and app experience, though, it could do a lot better. Previously, we’ve compared Hidive to two of the most well-known anime streaming services, Crunchyroll and Funimation, in our Hidive versus Crunchyroll article and Hidive vs Funimation comparison articles.

Hidive may not be the finest streaming service, but it does have some unique features that make it stand out. Hidive, if you’re seeking for new anime to watch or if you’d want to go further into the world of anime, is definitely worth a try!!”


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