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Application photo

Application photo
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According to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), the application photo is voluntary, but HR managers still like to see it because it gives your profile a face. Literally and Buy Assignment Online. For some positions it is also important to know what the future employee looks like (e.g. salesperson or consultant with customer contact).

If you decide on an application photo, it must be a professional photo by a photographer in the photo studio. No passport photo! Self-made photos also look the same. Their quality is not enough – no matter how good the smartphone is. Selfies, leisure photos and full-body shots are completely taboo. In general, the photo and style must be of high quality and fit the profession and industry.

The perfect photo is of you in profile or half-length portrait – face plus part of the upper body. Clothing and hairstyle are appropriate and well-groomed. The background should be neutral and monochromatic. And: smile! That seems more sympathetic and open-minded.

Professional background

The heart of the perfect CV is the professional career (also ” work experience “, “practical experience” or “professional practice”). In the chronological order, first write down your current activity and then go back in time – position by position.

  • Times (left) are constructed according to the pattern “MM/YYYY – MM/YYYY”. “MM” stands for the month, “YYYY” for the year. Single-digit numbers are padded with a leading “0” (“05/2022”). If the employment relationship still exists, write in the first position: “MM/YYYY – today” or “Since MM/YYYY”. The spelling of the dates must be consistent throughout the CV!
  • Stations (right) are also structured uniformly. We recommend listing the job title first (highlighted in bold). It is particularly significant for suitability. In the case of cryptic job titles, state the German translation or the department in brackets after it. Below this is the previous employer and his company headquarters. Pay attention to the correct legal form (GmbH, AG, SE, etc.). If in doubt, you can find this in the imprint of the company website. Below that are relevant tasks, projects, successes (with numbers!).

This applies to full-time jobs as well as to internships, mini-jobs or part-time jobs. For example, the result looks like this:

educational path

“Training” includes not only professional training, but also studies or school education. Only the degree and the overall grade are important.

Anyone who has been abroad for some time or has completed a semester abroad should mention this. Please state the country and the university where you studied. Such experiences prove intercultural competence .

Because attending a primary school in Germany is a matter of course and is evident from the subsequent qualifications, this information is usually irrelevant for employers. The older you are and the more professional experience you have, the less important school information becomes. Only the highest educational qualification is mentioned in the application. The elementary school time results from this, especially if you have already completed your studies (this would not be possible without the Abitur).

Special Knowledge

Special knowledge and qualifications in the perfect CV increase your chances of getting a job because you show additional commitment. But never call this section “Other”! This devalues ​​the additional qualifications .

Here, too, only list knowledge that fits the desired position and offers added value for the future employer. For example:

  • linguistic proficiency
  • Computer skills , PC skills
  • Volunteer engagement
  • (Professional) experience abroad
  • grants
  • awards
  • Training and education(s)
  • certificates
  • Publications and own projects

Describe special skills precisely and with evaluation. For language skills, for example, the language level (basic knowledge, business fluent, …). Proof, references or certificates are also a plus. The more precisely you describe key competencies, the more convincing your application and suitability will be. Example:

interests + hobbies

Interests and hobbies are often underestimated (alternative headings: “Engagement”, “Leisure activities”). They complete the applicant’s profile. Relevant soft skills are often hidden here.

Again, only name hobbies that document useful experiences for the job, demonstrate leadership qualities, or underline social skills. Dangerous hobbies (skydiving, motocross, etc.) should be avoided. Employers fear frequent accident-related absences and College Essay Online.

Place, date, signature

Formally, the CV must end with the place, date and a handwritten signature. By signing you confirm that the information provided is true. The date indicates that the CV is current. Ideally, you should sign with a fountain pen or ballpoint pen (no pencil, no felt-tip pen!) in blue or black.

When applying online , you should first scan your handwritten signature, crop it and then add it to your CV like a picture. If you use your CV template more often, remember to update the date each time and adapt it to the other application documents. Otherwise HR professionals will know immediately that it is a patchwork application.

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