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Best Headphones Under 2000

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Whether it is spending a relaxing evening by yourself listening to some music or taking a stroll in the park or a long train or bus ride to watch a show, headphones complete it for you. They are your best companion and give you an excellent personal experience.

But with a variety of brands and models dominating the market, it can be confusing as well as tiring to pick the right one from such a huge lot. Having a clear idea of your requirements such as budget, purpose, brand, etc. So here is a list of the best headphones under 2000 to help you ease through the process. 

  1. bOAt Rockers 510 

Boat is one of the top brands for all things headphones. They produce earphones, speakers, and Bluetooth headphones of top-notch quality. The Rockers 510 not only live up to the brands’ expectations but also is brimful with a myriad of sophisticated benefits. Designed with comfort being the base, you can use the 510 for long hours with ease. 

Price: Rs. 1,299* on Amazon

  1. Hammer Bash

A myriad of benefits, a minimalistic design, and an immersive stereo sound are what make the Hammer Bash one of the best headphones under 2000. A key highlight is the lightweight structure of it making it easy for you to carry around and it also compliments a comfortable listening experience along with the ear cushions. With exceptional bass quality, a long-lasting battery life, and active noise reduction, the Hammer Bash is an excellent choice.

Price: Rs. 1,699* on Croma

  1. JBL T450BT  

Another top player in the market for audio equipment is JBL. Known for their brilliance and sophistication, JBL headphones are a brilliant selection. The T450BT is jam-packed with modern benefits such as passive noise reduction, excellent battery life, and powerful bass and sound system.

If you have been waiting to get your hands on these but budget constraints have been pulling you back, ZestMoney’s EMI Shopping App is here to save the day. You can choose a flexible plan of your choice and pay it back in monthly installments.

Price: Rs. 1,999* on Amazon

  1. Zebronics Zeb Duke 

With affordability, performance, and great design, being at the centre of the company’s mission, the Zeb Duke ticks each of those checkboxes with ease. Whether you are looking for brilliant sound quality or seamless connectivity or just simply an ergonomic design, Zeb Duke is a perfect choice. It also provides excellent value for money.

Price: Rs. 1,198* on Amazon

With the EMI Shopping App, you can have your dream pair of headphones in just an instant and in the most affordable fashion. You can also purchase the headphone of your choice from any of ZestMoney’s partners including Flipkart, Croma, Boat, and Amazon.   

*All prices are subject to change and may vary between retailers.

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