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Blue Whale South Africa Bitten in Half 2020: What Actually Happened with Blue Whale?

blue whale south africa bitten in half 2020
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There was an incident almost 2 years ago when a Blue Whale got bitten by another water species. It is unknown which water species killed and bitted the blue whale in half. The blue whale is considered the largest water species, but another species killed a Blue Whale. In this article, we will discuss all the major factors of this incident. We will look at the possible outcome that should have happened. Read this report till the end to know more about this incident and research.

What was the incident of Blue Whale Bitten in Half in South Africa?

A large, full-size blue whale was bitten in half in South Africa. This news shocked everyone on social media, the internet, and television. The most asked question killed the Blue Whale. Should we be afraid of the reason or not? An incident where a blue whale was killed by another species happened a few years earlier.

That incident brought little satisfaction, and that mystery was unresolved. But today we have the technology, so scientists find out that there might be a blue shark or white shark that could bite the Blue Whale in Half. There are more chances of a White shark killing a blue whale in South Africa in 2020.

When did this Blue Whale get bitten during the incident?

The Blue Whale incident took place at the end of 2020. The blue whale got bitten and killed by some other species in November 2020. A lot of other people think this incident happened in 2021. But this is not true. The Blue While killing incident happened in November 2020.

Who killed the Blue Whale?

The most asked question that could shake your head off is what killed Blue Whale. Blue Whale is considered the World’s largest, strongest, and most powerful species at a time. So, what killed the Blue Whale? Are we safe from the creature that killed the Blue Whale?

Yes, we are safe from such a creature because it may only survive in water only. Otherwise, we would be dead by now. So, a lot of challenging work by scientists concludes that a White shark killed a Blue Whale in South Africa. Different scenarios could let us know the truth about the Blue Whale incident.

The first option and the most accepted option is a white shark that was injured. Like a lion, Sharks are more dangerous when injured. Another option is that Blue Whale was hungry, so she had less energy to fight against the deadly white sharks.

The second option would make us think about over one shark attacking a blue whale and killing her. It is not very promising but might be the reason for the death of Blue Whale.

Another case of the death of a blue whale is that another blue whale killed it. It seems more obvious to eyes and ears, but it is not true. There are very less chances of a Blue Whale getting killed by another blue whale.

How was White Shark able to kill a Blue Whale?

White Shark was able to kill a blue whale in two cases. It could be either White Sharks injured, or a blue whale is hungry. According to science, blue whales are less dangerous and have less intensity during fights. 

On the other hand, White sharks get furious and more deadly when they are injured. There is a chance that the Blue Whale was injured during the attack, which makes her more deadly for Blue Whale. So, their fight resulted in the death of Blue Whale.

Is a White Shark greater than a Blue Whale?

No, White sharks are not greater than blue whales. Whales are the largest species with tense power and energy. But sharks are the deadliest. Sometimes, Sharks can be more dangerous than Blue Whales. Like, Lion is more dangerous than Elephant. Similarly, Sharks are not that big but have a deadly nature. 

According to the analysis by scientists, Blue Whale was killed by a White Shark. So, sharks are not greater than Blue Whales. White Sharks are rare sharks but very deadly.

Was there anyone who reported or watched this incident?

Some groups of people reported that they have watched incidents from the coast but there is no authenticity and proof of their existence. So, we cannot take their words as final. But we can look at their viewpoint. Those groups of people said a blue shark killed a blue whale, not a white shark. But according to scientists’ knowledge and examined structure, the blue whale was killed by a white shark.

Where were the White sharks found?

White sharks are the rarest sharks and deadly as well. White sharks are amazingly fast as they can travel at a speed of 60 kilometers (about 37.28 mi) per hour in water. There is not a ship that can travel this fast in the water. But a few years earlier, a father and his son reported that they had seen a white shark in Maui. And some people reported a presence of a White shark in Somalia and Namibia.

Has anyone seen a white shark live in their life?

There is no proof, but a lot of people express themselves as they have watched a White Shark Live. A duo (father and son) a few years back reported that they have seen a white shark in Maui. Not only seen but also attacked by a White Shark. They both survived somehow.

Are there any other water species larger than Blue Whales?

No other species has been discovered other than the Blue Whale. The blue whale is the largest and most powerful species of the current time. There could be another species that is larger than the Blue Whale in the future.


An incident occurred a few years earlier when a large blue whale was half-bitten in South Africa. A group of people on the coast tends to report the incident. They also declared that they have seen a Blue Whale biting the Blue Whale from the tail. But Scientific research says that she was killed by White Shark.

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