Can you bring an electric scooter on a plane?

How do you travel with a scooter on a plane?

Traveling by plane can be tricky when it comes to bringing along more oversized items such as electric scooters. The size of the scooter’s battery is the most important factor when determining if you can bring it on the plane with you. Above certain limits (watt-hours), you are usually prohibited from flying with it. However, some airlines do not allow any kind of electric vehicle at all. It also depends on the state laws and which carrier you are taking.

To be honest, it is no simple matter. The rules are pretty convoluted and enshrouded in rigmarole when it comes to flying with e-scooters. Regardless, we shall try to shed some light on the issue.

Firstly, this is a list of more amenable airlines that let e-scooters on board:

  • Lion Air
  • Air India
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • S7

Most common requirements:

  • Airplanes permit the transportation of scooters with a maximum battery power of 160Wh.
  • The scooter must be relinquished to the airlines with proper permission, and the battery must be removed.
  • Depending on local laws and domestic airlines, you may be able to take two extra batteries along with you while traveling, but they shouldn’t total more than 300 watt-hours together.
  • Ensure you know the airline’s guidelines before planning a trip or considering taking your electric scooter on a plane.
  • In the event that you are allowed to carry the scooter in your baggage by the airlines, you should be aware of how much weight your luggage must be. Extra charges will apply if it exceeds what is listed by the airlines. Airlines can refuse to carry the scooter if the baggage is too heavy.

There are different regulations for carrying lithium batteries on international flights, depending on the country or region. In China, these regulations are inflexible. Various administrations in specific countries may be able to assist you. You should check with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Europe. Mobility devices may be exempt from aviation authorities and airlines’ rules, so it is best to contact them in order to make necessary arrangements.

A word to the wise

Two weeks before your boarding date, make sure to inform the airline that you’ll be bringing an electric scooter with you as a carry-on. This is to ensure the safety of all passengers, as scooter batteries can be dangerous. When notifying the airline, make sure to include the scooter’s, especially its battery’s specifications.

So, can you take an electric scooter on a plane? As we have established above – Yes, but there are a few catches, though, you need to be aware of beforehand. In order to maximize your chances of getting permission to bring one with you on board, we recommend lightweight foldable electric scooters by Apollo Scooters. Good luck, and enjoy your flight!