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Common Areas That Are Vulnerable To Security Lapses

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A security assessment is required for your company every year. You may have done internal renovations, improvements, changed your floor layout, or made interior alterations. A security services team should investigate this so that they may identify security vulnerabilities and make appropriate improvements. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent areas where security breaches might occur.

The Security Equipment is Outdated

In the last decade, surveillance systems have vastly improved. The days of employing a low-resolution camera setting are gone, and your Burnaby security guards can now monitor high-quality footage while on the job. Your footage is saved in the cloud and accessible from any location. Everyone has access to cutting-edge security technologies. They are cost-effective and offer the area with improved security. Unauthorized access is no longer a concern because various systems have been put in place to prevent it. You will save a lot of time and work with the new systems. It is recommended that you improve your security systems on a regular basis to lessen your vulnerability to threats. Security guard in burnaby can prevent security lapses.

Unsecured Windows and Glass Partitions

Windows and glass barriers are particularly vulnerable to break-ins. Bypassing the door alarms, thieves can simply break in and gain access to the property. Motion sensors, as well as sensors on your glass, are essential. If an intruder tries to enter the property by a window or door, this can assist secure the property. A siren will sound, and the authorities will be contacted as soon as possible.

Openings in the Door

There could be holes between double doors or underneath them. On security-protected doors, motion sensors are fitted. Because a person could dodge the motion sensor by slipping an object through the gap, these gaps pose a considerable risk. For added security, fill in the gaps and install double-layered motion sensors throughout the property.

Fragile Windows

Break-ins are most common when windows and glass barriers are vulnerable. Burglars can easily shatter them and gain access to your home without setting off the door alarms. For the best security, motion sensors should be installed on windows and glass. This will ensure that no intruders get access to the home, and if they do, the authorities will be notified quickly via alarms.

Gaps Between Doors

Are you unsure if this is even possible? This is undoubtedly something we ignore, yet it is just what you must consider. Gaps between the on under the doors can be dangerous since anyone can evade the motion sensors by slipping anything through the gap. For added security, you can either plug in the holes or add double-layered motion sensors.

Outdated Security

Many elements of our lives are being redefined by technological advancements. Some say that it has had the greatest impact on the security sector. Surveillance technologies, such as cameras and sensors, have advanced dramatically in recent years.

Security cameras may now deliver high-resolution footage and provide security officers unprecedented vision. Having current security updates can be the difference between being vulnerable to external threats and not.

As a result, having an obsolete security system in today’s world is a security flaw that crooks will quickly exploit. Both cyber and physical security systems require regular updates and replacements.

Remember that new security systems and updates are developed in response to modern security breaches that older security systems were unable to handle. As a result, you shouldn’t expect your old systems to protect you from modern, inventive threats.

Glass Infrastructure

As more individuals pass through the doors, this will naturally occur because only the front must provide identity or a swipe card. The Infrastructure of Glass.

Minimalist architecture and design are extremely popular nowadays. Glass is frequently used for doors and barriers. If you care about safety, though, you may have to sacrifice aesthetic enjoyment for safety.

Criminals and burglars can easily break through glass and get access. If you insist on having glass-enclosed cubicles, make sure they are equipped with motion sensors. The premise windows should be made of thick glass that is difficult to break.

Security should be considered when using glass for infrastructure. Cutting tools and other high-tech pieces of equipment can easily pierce through this substance. You must handle the issue of glass doors and windows. More cameras and sensors should be installed in areas with a lot of glass doors and windows.

Safety Guards Are Underappreciated

You may believe that implementing high-tech security solutions will eliminate any breaches or potential dangers. That is not the case, however! They can assist protect you and your people by acting as a deterrent and tracking down any mishaps, but the guards are the first line of defence and can truly help protect you and your people from crime. So, while in Burnaby, why not hire the best and safeguard the safety of everyone around us?

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