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It sometimes seems as if an insurance company pays out everything in the event of damage and makes the payments as quickly as possible, but in practice, this is usually not the case. The majority of insurers have a profit motive and do everything they can to compensate as few claims as possible by strictly complying with the conditions.


The conditions of an ATT insurance policy contain many provisions and exclusions that can ensure that no damage is compensated. For example, it is likely that an insurance policy excludes damage that is the result of negligence or intent in the conditions. For example, if you use your smartphone during a drunken mood, this will not be reimbursed by the insurance. The same applies if the smartphone is stolen from the house while you are on vacation, but you have left all doors open at home.

Amount of compensation

The amount paid out by the insurer depends on several factors. Firstly, it is possible that a maximum amount is paid for a smartphone. If the damage exceeds this amount, the remaining part will not be reimbursed by the insurer. The age of the smartphone also matters. If the insurance does not reimburse the purchase value, the current value will be paid. The age of the mobile phone is taken into account as the value decreases quickly as it gets older. In fact, a charge is applied if the phone is older than a year or two.


The conditions of the insurance also state that damage as a result of negligence is not covered and is excluded. This is the case, for example, if you leave your smartphone unattended on a table in a busy nightclub. As you might expect, you will not be reimbursed anything.


If the damage was caused by someone else, you could recover the damage from this person. You do this by holding the person liable for the damage, after which the person can report it to their own insurer. It is then a requirement that the person has liability insurance.

Own risk

Insurers, in many cases, apply a deductible for these damages. In each case of damage, you are responsible for the deductible amount. You have to pay this amount yourself if the damage is reimbursed by the insurer. The deductible is deducted from the amount of the compensation.


Accidents happen more often than you think. After all, who didn’t even let the mobile phones slip out of their hands and cause them to fall to the floor? What if this happens in the toilet and the phone falls in the toilet? If a mobile phone comes into contact with water, the risk of damage is high. It is even possible that the mobile phone no longer works if the water has caused a short circuit. Whether the water damage is insured differs per insurance policy.

What to do in case of water damage?

If the mobile phone has become wet, it is important to switch off the device as soon as possible. Electricity and water do not mix, which can cause a short circuit. By switching off the mobile phone immediately, damage can be prevented or reduced. Remove the back and battery if possible, then let the phone dry so that all moisture is out of the phone. This can be done in various ways, including leaving it in a bowl of rice so that the moisture is absorbed. Do not turn the phone back on until it is completely dry, and check that everything still works. Report damage to the insurer as soon as possible.

Water damage and telephone insurance

Phone insurance is intended for damage to a phone, but not all phone insurance covers damage by water as standard. Telephone insurance policies are available with a variety of coverage, with water damage usually being an additional module. If the water damage module is insured, then the damage will be reimbursed if you forget you have the phone in your pocket while jumping in the pool.

Water damage and contents insurance

Damage to your phone as a result of contact with water is only reimbursed by the all-risk household insurance. This is the most extensive form that also compensates for damage caused by your own fault. With normal home contents insurance, you will only be reimbursed for water damage to the telephone if you cannot do anything yourself. This is the case, for example, if a pipe has burst, so that everything in the house, including the telephone, has become wet.

Water damage and valuables outside the home insurance

If the water damage has occurred outdoors, such as on the beach, then this is covered by the outdoor valuables insurance. With this insurance, all your belongings are insured worldwide. If your phone comes into contact with water while on holiday abroad, any damage will be paid by the insurer.

Check conditions

Whether the water damage is reimbursed by insurance is stated in the conditions. These can be downloaded for free from the insurer’s website. You will receive the conditions when you take out the insurance, but it is possible that they have changed during the term. Due to the sharp increase in damage reports from mobile phones, insurers have adjusted the conditions for these products in recent years. In many cases, the coverage is limited, the deductible is increased, or the new value is not paid out but the current value of the smartphone.

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