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Connect With Your Family: How to Get a Very Cheap Internet Plan

The main complaint about mobile operators usually boils down to the fact that if you don’t keep track of the balance, you will immediately be turned off access to all resources (calls, Internet.) Parents are especially worried about this: a beloved child spends money uncontrollably and unpredictably. Therefore, he or she can disappear from the radar at any time. What to do in such a situation?

Choose the right plan to save money

Unfortunately, over 90% of people do not look at the terms of the contract at all, choosing an Internet plan. But the choice of the tariff must be conscious. Otherwise, there is a high probability of being left without communication or without access to the Internet, which in our time can become a big problem. To select a tariff plan, a subscriber needs to understand clearly what volume of a package of outgoing and incoming minutes he needs, as well as the required amount of internet traffic. This is necessary to select the most optimal tariff plan, which would not have extra minutes and gigabytes left in excess, or there would be no need to buy additional traffic or minutes of conversation every month.

Where to start?

To get started, review the details of your old account. You must do this to find out how much money your family spends on communication per month. You can get such a service only through the personal account of your mobile operator. Next, be sure to find out how many outgoing calls you make in one month. To do this, the entire amount that you will receive thanks to the detailing must be added up and get the number of outgoing minutes. Do the same operation with Internet traffic. Determine approximately how much your family will spend in a gigabyte per month to select the appropriate plan.

How to save money on mobile internet?

If you do not plan to use the mobile Internet at all, for example, abroad, it is best to block data roaming in the phone settings. If you need mobile Internet, then to avoid accidental spending, it is recommended to set a ban on updating applications and data synchronization in the phone settings or allow the device to update only on a Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, even if you do not use the Internet, the device can update the apps automatically. Most of the widgets, such as weather services, also consume traffic. 

Therefore, if you do not need widgets, it is also better to disable them. In addition, to completely exclude automatic updates, turn off mobile data in the phone settings after each access to the Internet. To use the Internet more comfortably, sometimes useful options are offered. So, the sim-only deals plan is available in most countries in the world. You pay for the same amount of data, and the number of minutes will cost less per month on a SIM-only plan than on a new device plan.

Helpful Tips

Check your account status using a USSD request or in your account, including for the appearance of new unscheduled services at your rate. Track in time – you will lose less money on unnecessary services. If suddenly your family’s expenses for the Internet have unreasonably increased, ask your operator for details and find out the reason.

Check back regularly for new sim only deals to see if there’s a plan that’s right for you. If you see curious promotional offers, even if the brand ambassador is some celebrity you respect, check all the details of the proposed rate since the most basic conditions are often “behind the scenes”. For users to be able to quickly receive any information on their tariff, and package balances at any time, it is necessary to install the mobile application of the telecom operator and use it regularly.

In conclusion

For many of us today, it is so important not to lose touch with loved ones in any situation. And when the account is suddenly blocked due to lack of funds is insanely annoying. With new services and sim only deals, it becomes possible to control not only your finances but also help out loved ones quickly, and save at the same time.

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