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Gift Sports Watch to Your Loved One

Gift Sports Watch to Your Loved One
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Sports watches are some of the best products that you can gift your loved ones. The primary reason for this is that you cannot possibly find a better gift than the gift of good health. A good sports watch can inspire your loved ones to take care of their health and thus lead to a better life. As these watches track the sleep pattern of the user, it is easy to keep tabs on the hours of sleep one is getting per day. 

The on-screen coaching guides the user to adopt the best action during the workout so they can get the best results. These watches also come with smartphone companion apps so that you can share and sync your fitness data seamlessly. Through this app, you can easily adjust settings so that you get the ultimate comfort while using the product. Plus, with this gift, it would be extremely convenient for your loved one to navigate through the roads and reach their destination without much trouble.

Sports Watches that You Cannot Give a Miss

There is no dearth of the best brands across the world vying for your attention over the sale of sports watches. The best part is that this situation gives you an edge as you get these watches at a competitive price, even more so because of the festive season. Let us take a look at a few brands that have made ripples in the market recently, thus claiming a place in this space.

Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4: These watches are so suave that you can match a variety of clock faces with your OTD. Therefore, you would never repent about not having chosen a different colour. The watch makes life easier with instant notifications for important texts and emails. Thus, you do not have to stress over leaving your smartphone at home while you are jogging. The watch matches the calibre of the best multi-sports watches, thus enabling you to wear it while swimming. While you swim, the watch efficiently counts laps and strokes so that you have the stats ready at your fingertips at any point in time.

Garmin Venu: This watch is on a perpetual “always on” mode, thus enabling you to have a quick glance at it to note the time. It has preloaded workout apps that instantly start recording your stats as soon as you start your workout. With this watch, you won’t face any problems even if you have forgotten to take your smartphone with you. This is precisely because the watch supports cashless and contactless payments so that you are always on the go. Store your playlist and enjoy your “me-time” accompanied by your companion and life coach, the Garmin Venu.

Fitbit Sense: Armed with an EDA Scan app, this watch can detect stress faster than your loved ones. It does so by sensing the thermodynamics within your body. If you are someone who does not like much fuss regarding charging, the 6-day battery life on this watch will more than please you. What’s more, you can get a full day’s charge with a 12-minute charge! Like you, this watch does not like wastage of time. Additionally, this is a perfect watch for gifting because it comes with a 6-month complimentary membership of Fitbit Premium.

Apple Watch Series: There is hardly anything to elaborate about Apple sports watches. These watches are the best companions because of the sheer comfort they provide. The GPS mode on these watches allows you to answer calls while the watch is on your wrist. The display is always on, and the screen automatically brightens up once you step outside. This helps you note the time easily without having to put a strain on your eyes. You can easily form an opinion about your fitness habits by looking at the trends on your Apple apps. Thereafter, you can either give yourself a pat on the back or work harder.

boAt: Cost-effective and user friendly, boAT sports watches have gained a lot of popularity. You can get the best deal on these watches during this festival season, and give your loved ones this affordable and perfect gift.The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store offers you cashback vouchers of up to Rs. 5000 on your sports watch purchase! Additionally, you can avail of No Cost EMIs by opting to pay with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Thus, there is no financial stress of having to pay exorbitant interests on the EMI amount. Choose select products on which the zero down payment option is valid. Doing so will enable you to purchase the product without paying any cash upfront. Visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and start sorting your favourite products today!

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