How can you avoid issues related to Hair Shrinkage?

We have always heard of terms like heart health, Bone Health but ever heard of a term like Hair Health? Taking care of your hair and making sure that the required protein reach the follicles is known as taking care of Hair health. And if you are somebody with natural curls, then a lot of you tend to consider shrinkage is a sign of unhealthy hair. It is common to have hair shrinkage natural hair. Shrinkage does not mean that your hair is unhealthy at all. Shrinkage can happen for a lot of reasons one of which is that the curls towards the end do not get enough moisture because most of the moisture is absorbed by the roots only. Hair shrinkage, as the term itself, suggests means the length of your hair is shorter than their actual length. And it is normal to have shrinkage in your hair up to 75%.

Each one of us has different choices and likewise, there are times when somebody with curled hair wants to prevent that hair shrinkage instead of embracing it. So here are a few points which you can consider if you are somebody who wants to prevent the natural shrinking of hair-

  • Roller and tools

You can easily use a roller and hair tools to have that stretched look for your hair. They can be used either on wet hair or dry hair as per your individual preferences

  • Use a band

Using a hairband most preferably a metal hairband will make your hair look lengthy.  And instead of using a rubber band to tie your hair, one should prefer using a scrunchy in order to prevent your hair from damaging. A sating scrunchy would work best for curly hairs.

  • Moisturise

As mentioned above, most of the moisturizers are required by the strands of hair to prevent shrinkage.  So the shrinkage of your hair will depend upon the curl patterns you have. Moisturize should be part of your hair care routine in order to prevent shrinkage.

  • Conditioning

Conditioning helps in providing moisture to the hair which curly hairs eventually starts lacking, but a conditioner will also help you in this case. Also, be certain that the ingredients of your conditioner include coconut oil or glycerine because they are key moisturising ingredients in any conditioner.

Final Overview

There is a time when you would like your hair shrinkage and embrace it, but there will be times as well when you do not like hair shrinkage. Hair shrinkage natural hair becomes a part of you after sometime. There are alot of tools available in the market to combat that shrinkage if you are planning to buy one then you can consider buying it from Amtu Hair art and tools. 

With Amtu Hair art and tools you can combat shrinkage without causing any damage to your hair. Do not go blindly by what product some other person is using. It requires analysis and research to know which product suits your hair type.


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