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How Long Does It Take To Whiten My Teeth?

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You can get professional teeth whitening both at home and at the clinic. But, the professional teeth whitening cost differs in case of home and clinic treatments.

There are different types of professional teeth whitening treatments. And, the time taken for each treatment depends upon two factors. The dentist you consult, and the type of problem you have.

So, that leads us to discuss the types of professional teeth whitening treatments available. Similarly, we will discuss the course of time, each treatment will need to completely whiten your teeth.

Types Of Professional Teeth Whitening Systems, And Their Treatment Time

  1. Use Of Professional Teeth Whitening But With At-Home Products And The Treatment Time

Here, in this type of treatment, the orthodontist gives you a plastic night guard. The guard is made according to your teeth’ alignment. It is a soft material. You will have to put a gel in the reservoir of the guard. Then, you attach it to the teeth.

You will have to wear this combination during your free time or sleep time. 2 hours a day does the trick. But, a minimum of 30 minutes of daily wear is a must.

So, the time for the visible results depends upon the severity of your teeth stain. For a lesser yellow stain, 2 weeks of daily wear will make your teeth white. Whereas, it will take up to 6 weeks for severely stained teeth.

If you want quick results, you should talk to your dentist about it. Quicker results are easy. The dentist will change the gel with a stronger whitening agent. He will increase the percentage of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in the gel. So, you see faster results.

The professional teeth whitening cost for professional teeth whitening at-home guards is between £240 and £640. However, you can reduce the price. Ask your orthodontist for  36% of carbamide gel or 15% of hydrogen peroxide. This gives you fast results, within 2 weeks. Thus, you automatically reduce the professional teeth whitening cost.

  1. Use Of Professional Teeth Whitening In-Office Treatment and The Treatment Time

In-office means clinical professional teeth whitening. It definitely gives you faster results because the doctor uses the whitening agent at a high percentage. The hydrogen peroxide used in gels here is above 35% which gives results immediately.

Here, at first, a gingival paint barrier is put on the teeth. It protects the teeth’ enamel from direct bleaching side effects. So, you get the desired result without damage to the teeth. And, your teeth’ enamel remains protected.

However, the professional teeth whitening cost for the clinical procedure is higher, ranging from £500 to £800. Plus, the number of consultations is more, at the clinic.

  1. Use Of Professional Teeth Whitening Combination Treatment and The Treatment Time

Now, the combination treatment starts with a high hydrogen peroxide gel treatment, at the clinic. Then, the doctor gives you products to use at home, also. The results are visible within 5 days.

In fact, the combination treatment is complete within 5 days. As a result, the consultations are few. And, because of this the professional teeth whitening cost, becomes less, automatically. However, the professional teeth whitening cost may also vary according to patient needs.

  1. Use Of Professional Teeth Whitening Laser Treatment and The Treatment Time

Here, you are treated at the clinic. The dentist uses an Argon laser. He covers your teeth with the hydrogen peroxide gel and then treats you with laser light. This is also called ‘heated’ treatment. The laser light heats the gel. Thus, the gel works faster. And, you see the results almost immediately.

Laser dental professional teeth whitening is faster. The professional teeth whitening cost rages from £500 to £1000.

Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Treatments, And the Time For Treatment

You get many over-the-counter products like

  • The Whitening strips
  • A Whitening toothpaste
  • Whitening kits, as a whole
  • Applications with paint-on-brush
  • Teeth whitening trays
  • Dentifrices

But, all of these, take longer to whiten the teeth. Because they damage the teeth’ enamel. Whereas, professional teeth whitening is better. It is professional treatment. As a result, the harmful effects are far less.

The above-mentioned products are good. But, you should use them only to maintain already whitened teeth. The professional teeth whitening cost for the whitening kits starts at a low price of £15. The professional teeth whitening cost for the trays cost about £400. Most of the other over-the-counter product costs are low and affordable. But, the effects are not long-lasting.


Now, professional teeth whitening has its own drawbacks. Such treatments damage the teeth’ enamel. And, they increase teeth sensitivity. Plus, the treatment results last only 3 years. After which, you need a redo.

Following this, you should be equally aware of another factor. Repeated teeth whitening treatment is detrimental to your teeth’ health. And also, you cannot always invest in professional teeth whitening cost, repeatedly.

So, the easiest solutions are 2. One, treat before the staining of the teeth deepens. Two, avoid having too much coffee, tea, cigarettes, or other edibles that stain your teeth.

Anyways, if you finally decide to go for a professional teeth whitening, do make a survey for a good clinic and reputed doctor. So that, you get quality treatment and long-lasting results.

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