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How to become an Insurance Broker?

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Being an Insurance Broker is an excellent alternative for those who have an entrepreneurial profile and seek career flexibility!

According to Valor Econômico, the sector grew 11% in 2019, proving that Insurance Brokers are one of the activities with the greatest growth potential, and working with a CNPJ, you can still save on taxes!

In this article, you will see:

  • Four simple steps to becoming an insurance broker
  • Ready Broker!

Since the deregulation of the segment that took place in November 2019, several questions have arisen, such as “What is changing now in the insurance market?” or “How to be an Insurance Broker?”.

Contabilizei studied the entire situation of this incredible market to clarify the main doubts that arose after this change. Come with us, Broker!

Four simple steps to becoming an insurance broker

Want to know how to be an insurance broker? The Contabilizei blog will explain step by step what you have to do to become an insurance broker after the changes in the sector. Come on?

Obtain official certification from ENS

(formerly FUNENSEG)In practice, few things have changed even with the release of the MP. Those who think that anyone can become an insurance broker know that this is not the case. The first step for anyone to become an insurance broker is to qualify through the course offered through the ENS (Escola de Negócios e Seguros), the only institution recognized for the training of these professionalsTake a look at the ENS website to understand which unit is closest to you and which course best fits the types of insurance you are interested in selling. 

Enrollment in IBRACOR

On 11/21/19, SUSEP recognized IBRACOR as a self-regulatory institution for insurance brokers. From this date, the entire affiliation and registration procedure must be done through the IBRACOR website.

Labrador requires that in order to obtain the registration, the Broker has the official certification offered by the official teaching and certification institution (ENS).

The documentation required by IBRACOR is similar to the list required by SUSEP. The big change noticed so far is the charging of fees for the PF or PJ registration service. The values ​​vary from R$ 400 for the individual case and R$ 750 for the PJ registration. To check the details of the new fees charged, access the Ibracor website through this link.

Choose between working as a PF or PJ

PJ broker pays fewer taxes.

Broker, you who have already obtained your ENS certificate and have already received your registration at IBRACOR, now it’s time to start acting! And we guarantee you, one of the most common questions in this sector is: Is it more worth working as a PF or PJ? Know that PJ Brokers have many more advantages!

Acting as a Legal Entity, can you save a lot in taxes compared to Individuals? Yea! Take a look at our article on our blog about tax savings for PJ brokers and find out the size of the savings that insurance brokers have after opening a business!

Also, many insurers pay more commission to PJ brokers! Do you want to know which fields of activity and types of companies you can open to act as an insurance broker? Contact Contabilizei, and a consultant specializing in Insurance Brokers will help you!

It is noted that there is a tendency in the insurance market to act in an increasingly regularized manner. It is noticed that many insurers no longer accept individual brokers to sell their products and increasingly encourage regularization through legal entities.

This is where Contabilizei can help you, Broker! Take a look at our exclusive insurance brokers page and open your business for free with Contabilizei!

If you are a broker and already have an open company, migrate your accounting to Contabilizei and have access to affordable monthly fees!

Register with Insurance Companies

We’re almost there, Broker; at this point, you already have your company open, and now all that’s left is to register your brokerage with insurance companies so you can start your sales! We recommend that at this point, you have already defined which types of insurance to sell and which are the main insurers you want to work with these products. Once this is done, simply visit each insurer’s website in the section dedicated to insurance brokers. There, all the necessary documents will be informed. 

In general, insurers do not differ much from the required documentation.

Note: Broker, just don’t forget that after having your CNPJ, you must register PJ at IBRACOR also to have access to the registrations in insurance companies as PJ, ok?

We, therefore, recommend that you have at hand:

  • Completed and signed insurance registration form
  • RG/CPF (of the partners in the case of PJ)
  • Proof of electoral discharge,
  • SUSEP or IBRACOR Registration, 
  • CNPJ, Articles of Incorporation and Municipal Registration (in the case of PJ brokerage)
  • Simple Nacional Opting Deferment Term (In the case of a PJ brokerage)
  • Bank receipt

Ready Broker!

Once registered with the insurance companies, you can start your sales!

We hope that this article has contributed to clarifying the step-by-step for you to know everything when you ask yourself: what do I do to become an insurance broker. Don’t forget to visit our Broker’s page.

Keep an eye on our blog! We will send you tips and news about the insurance market!

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