How to check if your account is shadowban on Instagram?

Instagram is a massive platform with billions of users worldwide that belong to different demographic locations and using this platform to achieve their objectives. No part of the world is available in this world from where people are not using Instagram. That’s why when it can capture that’s much audience, it gets into the eyes of Businesses. They find it an opportunity to promote and market their products and build their brand awareness. Businesses use to buy Instagram followers UK for their accounts to show that they are trustworthy, and that’s the reason they have a number of followers.

Businesses as well individuals IG profiles who want to make their online presence better use a platform like Instagram to get what they want. They adopt some good and strong marketing skills to showcase their abilities and get more likes. But some of the reasons they will not get many likes is that their account is shadowban. When Instagram shadowban an account, it means they are unable to get more likes by making engagements. They will not get any kind of notification from Instagram when they get shadowban, so how they can check it. Don’t worry! In this article, we are going to describe some effective ways to check whether your account is shadowban or not? 

How to check that your Instagram account is shadowban?

There is a number of ways that you can choose to find out whether your account is shadowban. These are some effective ways;

Create a post with hashtags

At the very first, you have to log in to your Instagram account and then go to create a section. Where you can click on create posts and choose a file that you want to share with your audience from your gallery or capture it. After that, you have to choose some hashtags or write them on your own and then click on post. But make sure that you are not using many people’s hashtags and have strong competition. In this case, it may chance to not find out your posts and your account is not shadowban. So what you have to do is choose hashtags that are normal and do not have much competition, and when someone searches for a post can find it on top results.

Ask another account to help.

Suppose you are getting shadowban and want to check that you have to log in to some other account and must ask anyone on Instagram to help you. Someone else who has an Instagram profile. But make sure that the account used chooses must not be following the account that is shadowban.

Use to search Hashtags using in post.

The next thing you have to do is write hashtags in your Instagram account’s search bar and look for a post. There are many results of posts that come before you that are using the same hashtags. If you can meet your posts in that list, that means you’re not shadowban, and your hashtags are working properly. On the other hand, if you are unable to find your posts in the search bar, that means your hashtags are not working, and that’s the reason your account is shadow ban. But when someone’s account gets shadowban, their hashtags are not working, but their posts will show up in users’ feeds. And people that are following your account can like your posts and engage with them but not all that are not your followers.

What Happen if your IG account is shadowban by the Instagram team?

As we have discussed, how to check whether your account is shadowbanned or not. And if your account is shadowban, then it means your hashtags are not working. Hashtags play an important role in generating much engagement and increasing the number of likes. On the other hand, when your account is shadowban, then your hashtags are not worth it. People who used to write hashtags according to your posts are unable to find out your posts.

Moreover, when an account on Instagram is shadowban, then its posts do not appear in search results by hashtags. Account holder and their followers can only engage with posts that they want to share with the audience. When they buy UK Instagram followers for their account and the other organic followers they get by using some marketing skills, they can only engage with them. That’s why getting shadowban decreases the chances of improving visibility on a platform like Instagram.


Instagram is a massive platform with many useful key features, but there is a number of rules that everyone must have to follow. If some of them used to neglect these rules, then Instagram takes action to that account and puts them plenty. Most of the Instagram put the account into shadowban, and people even do not know that. So we have discussed how they can find out whether they are shadowban or not. Read the entire article full of attention, and you will get to know about your account.

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