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How to Create a Wedding Website That Shares Your Info?

Create a Wedding Website
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Who does not want to make their wedding day memorable? Well, you can also do that. But do you know that you can also create your customized website with your wedding information?

There are a lot of online website builder services that will help you to create a website with your wedding memories. So you can make your wedding memories accessible for a long time and memorable forever.

In this writing, we are going to tell you the steps by steps process to create a wedding website with our big day wedding website. Keep reading for more.

Steps to Create a Wedding Website:

There are several steps that you need to follow in order to make a wedding website. And you need to go through those steps very carefully. Or else, you may not get the outcome that you were expected. First and foremost, you need to choose a website builder.

Once you choose your preferred website builders, the entire work will be much easier and simple. They will do all the work on your behalf. After that, you need to choose a unique domain for your website. The Steps by steps procedures are described in the following:

Step 1: Choose a Good Website Builder:

In order to build or create a personal wedding website, you can seek help from a professional website builder. Seeking help from a website builder will always be a smart move for you because you can build your website very easily and quickly with those websites builders.

There are several options to choosing a website builder, such as; Wix, square space, the knot, and so on. Those website builders will make your task much simpler and easier. You can also choose your own design and outline for your website from those website builders.

Step 2: Choose a Unique Domain Name:

After choosing a website builder, the next thing you need to do is to choose a unique domain name. A domain name is usually the name that appears next to the website name. When you try to get a free domain, then it would be that eye-catchy and memorable.

That is why you can get a custom domain. And custom domain will cost you a bit extra than the free domain. There are two ways to buy a domain name for your website. Firstly, you can buy a domain name directly from the website builder, or you can also buy it from a third-party registrar.

Step 3: Choose a Relevant Domain Name:

Choosing from hundreds of domains may seem very easier to you. But when you make it custom for your wedding website, you need to keep it short and relevant. There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind while choosing the domain name.

First and foremost, the domain name should be short, precise, and memorable. You should not use any number or punctuation in the domain name. And then finally you can make it as personal as possible so that it can remind you of the wedding memories.

Step 4: Pick a Personalized Design:

A website will not be perfect unless or until you choose a good personalized template for that website. When you seek help from a website builder, they will provide you with several designs or templates to choose from.

You need to choose one according to your criteria. And you can also edit your template to make it look more special and unique. You should avoid choosing a complex template. Because when you have a simple template, you can edit it later and make it look unique and classic.  

Step 5: Add Important Information About the Events:

When you have the templates, design, and domain, now it is time to add some elements to it. Most importantly you need to insert some important information about the wedding ceremony. Such as the dates, every nitty-gritty detail about the events, and so on.

Your website will look more classic if you can add some text boxes, maps, and some image details. You can also write your story, who is who, the finer details, and most importantly, the location of the events. You should always try to use easy words and language for your websites, so everyone can easily understand your story regarding that event.

Step 6: Add a Gift Registry:

You will be glad to know that you can add a gift registry to your wedding website. And it will be a very amazing way to point people for the perfect gifts. You can create some tabs on your websites that will let the guest know where the money is going.

For example, a new car? The honeymoon? donating to charity? or for business? The more details you will provide, the more present you can expect to have. Additionally, you can add a PayPal donation button for your guest too.

Step 7: You Need to Make Your Website Exclusive for Your Guests:

It is very important to make your website exclusive only for the guest that you have invited. Of course, you will not expect to have uninvited guests turning up on your wedding day. In order to make it exclusive, you can change the website’s settings. Or you can block your sites from turning up in any search engine like Google.  

There is another way to keep your website exclusive for your guest. You can keep your website password protected. You can also combine those two methods to keep your websites exclusive only for your guests.

Bottom Line:

A wedding website is a very amazing way to create memories and recollections. If you can create a wedding website with all the nitty-gritty information about the wedding event, it will become a memorable part of your wedding.

It will also become an online photo album for the wedding event. You can also add a social media account to that website, so your guest can always keep in touch with you. Hopefully, this writing really helped you to understand how you can create a Wedding Website That Shares Your Information to make Your Wedding Memorable.

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