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How to Edit Cooking Videos for Instagram

If you enjoy cooking and want to engage your Instagram followers by providing them with top-quality content, it’s time to learn how to edit your cooking videos. World-famous chefs these days use Instagram to share useful tips with their followers. While they post simple videos demonstrating how to use various cooking techniques and cook delicious dishes, their content always looks polished thanks to professional editing. Read on to learn how to produce attention-grabbing videos and reach out to a wider audience to increase your following.

Shoot a Cooking Video

Before shooting their videos, they create a plan to ensure that a 15-second clip will contain all the necessary information. Instead of using complex recipes with many ingredients, opt for more basic dishes that are fun to make. To save time on post-processing, create a suitable setting and select the props beforehand. When shooting footage, it’s better to use a tripod to ensure proper stabilization.

Run the Instagram app and select the video shooting mode. You will need to hold the button down to shoot a video. If you don’t want to add voice-overs afterward, it’s better to use the mic built into your headphones to describe what you are doing.

You can use a smartphone, DSLR, or even a GoPro camera to create a recording. In case you opt for the latter, you may need to learn how to edit GoPro videos using dedicated software. Many smartphones have pre-installed video editing apps, however, their functionality may be quite limited.

How to Enhance your Cooking Videos

To merge clips or add text to your videos, as well as add transitions and remove unwanted segments, you may need to use pro-level video editing apps. However, Instagram allows you to make basic edits. Using it, you can delete or add shots. To do it, follow these steps:

  • Activate the video shooting mode
  • Tap the X button to select the last shot
  • Tap the button once again to delete the shot
  • Add new shots if it’s necessary
  • Apply filters
  • Select a suitable thumbnail

Then, make sure to add an engaging description and select the most suitable hashtags to make your video easier to find. Alternatively, you can use dedicated video editing software for editing your footage. It will help you make your videos viral. Advanced programs and apps have plenty of features that will help you give your cooking videos a dynamic feel. Some of them also have in-built collections of templates that will help you speed up your workflow.

By using a template, you can create how-to tutorials and guides with clear instructions. To make your recipe videos more useful, you can add the split-screen effect.

Before starting shooting, think about where you are going to post your video as it will help you to decide on its length. Videos for Reels should be 15-second long, whereas videos for IGTV and Instagram posts should be no longer than 60 seconds. Depending on the purpose of use, you can select a suitable frame rate for your videos:

  • 16:9 for Reels videos and IGTV
  • 3:4 for a 60-second Instagram video

Follow these steps to edit your videos at a professional level using advanced software:

  • Create a new project
  • Import your footage
  • Select a suitable frame rate
  • Crop your video, tweak colors, and apply effects
  • Add music tracks
  • Export your video and share it on Instagram

Remember that the size of your videos should be no more than 20 MB.

Adding Text, Music, and Voice-Overs

You can either create a voice-over when recording your video or add them afterward. It will allow you to bring your message across and communicate your ideas clearly. Make sure to use an external mic to create a high-quality recording.

The next thing that you need to do is to add captions to make your videos more accessible. According to stats, Instagram videos with captions have 16% better reach. It means that people are more likely to share them, like them, and watch them till the end.

When adding music to your videos, make sure to avoid copyright violations. It’s better to use royalty-free music from popular stock platforms. Otherwise, Instagram may block your videos.

Summing Up

If you aren’t sure about the result, you can show your videos to your friends and relatives before publishing them online. Cooking videos should be not only informative but also fun and beautifully executed. After shooting footage of dishes, make sure to tweak colors and adjust contrast to create mouth-watering content. Using the tools available on Instagram will help you save time, but it’s better to employ more advanced video editing software to make your content deliciously engaging.

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