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How To Fight Parental Alienation?

Fight Parental Alienation
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Parental alienation in Canada is one of the serious issues whose cases are increasing with each year, by surprising all. It is one of the inhuman things one parent can do to their child. So now the question arises how to fight parental alienation?

It is a crucial question that every parent must know, especially those who are undergoing the same situations continuously. So they can ensure a safe and happy environment for their child.

How To Fight Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation plays a cruel impact on a child’s life. Why? Along with staying away from one parent, they tend to start disliking them.

As a result, it can affect their mental health along with their relationships. No one should face such situations. It is every parent and child’s right to spend time with each other.

No parent should try to destroy other’s parent’s relationship with their child, as they will indirectly affect their child’s life.

Along with the divorce cases, this rate is at its peak of the rise. Luckily, some steps and tips can help you in fighting this parental alienation in Canada. Have a look at them, so you can exactly know what to do:

Keep In Contact With Your Child

No matter how many tricks your ex-partner plays, you must always maintain contact with your children. Otherwise, they will keep on getting stronger in their intention of taking your child away from you.

Remember, the less you meet and contact your child, the more your relationship will get worse. So, don’t let them be successful in their dirty games.

If needed, resort to the court to ensure that the custodian parent is not letting you meet your child even though you are allocated to meet and spent time with your child.

It is your legal right that the court has also given you. And no power in the world can stop a parent from meeting their child unless they are harmful to that child.

Control Your Temper

Once you realize that your partner is brainwashing your child with negative talks and creating a bad image of yours, don’t get tempted. Instead, keep calm and be yourself in front of your child.

As a result, they will automatically understand what they have heard about you is false. In this way, you will be able to create a positive image of yourself.

But if you get angry and want to take revenge on your partner, you will be the loser. This act of yours will prove to them that what s/he has heard about you is true.

Hence, no matter how upset you feel, don’t badmouth your ex in front of your child.

Never Blame Your Child

If your child talks rudely with you, spies, or even worse, tell your ex-partner about every step you take and spend time with, then never bad behave with them. Otherwise, your ex-partner will take this chance to drive your child away from you.

Children can be easily brainwashed by the parent towards whom s/he has a soft corner from the beginning. Your child is merely a victim of parental alienation in the hands of their father/mother.

It is not your child’s fault that s/he has become like this. They are instigated to behave in this way with you to ruin both of your relationships. So, don’t let your ex-spouse be the winner.

Instead, try to make them understand with affection that you love them to your death. And nothing in the world is more important to you than them.

Don’t Miss Any Scheduled Appointment To Meet Your Child

As a non-custodial parent, only a fixed portion of time is allocated for you to spend with your child. So, never miss that scheduled time until the emergency is severe.

Children look forward to this appointment, and it can be heartbreaking if you miss out or be late on these occasions. And the more you miss these times, the less time you get to spend with your child.

These things may seem small initially but can become a strong weapon to show that you are not responsible and active as a parent. And it is the habit of children to remember everything.

Therefore, even if any urgency comes, immediately notify your child and make them understand the extremity of the situation. As a result, they will not develop a wrong concept about you, and your ex-partner cannot take advantage of the circumstances.

Never Stop Caring About Your Child

Despite all the hard times, never stop caring about your child. You have a responsibility towards your child that you fulfill at all costs.

The number one thing that a child wants their parents to be is a loving and understanding parent. Such if they have something to tell you, listen to them with full attention; if they make any mistakes, make them understand it instead of scolding them badly.

Play with them and take them on tour on weekends/holidays.  As a result, you will get to spend a lot of memorable time with each other.

Above all, tell them what position they hold in your life and how much you love them. Nothing in this world can replace this love of yours.

All these loving gestures and behaviours of yours will help them forget and combat the negativity put in their mind by your ex-partner.


Hopefully, you have got your exact answer to “How to fight parental alienation?”. So if you think your child is facing parental alienation, just follow the above guidelines as instructed.

If required, hire an experienced lawyer who can help you to fight these cases. As a result, your child will know the truth, and thus it will save your beautiful relationship with your child.

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