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How Wearing Sunglasses Enhances Your Appearance?

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Sunglasses are fascinating, and there are many types of them, and when you find the one that suits you, it’s bliss. A good pair of sunglasses will indeed make your overall look many times better. People knew this for ages, and now these sunglasses have become an unavoidable part of many informal and formal attire. People in different professions use sunglasses, especially those who work outdoors.

Sunglasses like “dior sunglasses†will make you look attractive instantly. By now, you must be curious about the reason and planning to buy a pair. There’ve been many studies on the cultural and psychological effect of accessories on the human body, and there’s a scientific reason why sunglasses make your face look attractive.

If you are interested in knowing why sunglasses make you look better, read the rest of the article.

It makes the non-symmetrical face symmetrical.

Many research details have shown that the face with identical left and right sides is most attractive. And what makes it more identical is a pair of sunglasses. The shades will indeed hide a good portion of your face, but at the same time, the symmetry will increase, mainly if your face is nonsymmetric in the hidden part.

Even if your face is almost symmetrical, the shades will enhance the overall look. It is better to have a pair of sunglasses if you want to look attractive, especially on a sunny day.

Mystery and curiosity

People can’t handle the mystery and curiosity to find out what’s hidden. This is the reason why people like detective novels/movies/series.

Sunglasses have always been a sign of mystery; the CIA wears them, the detectives wear them, and the gangsters too (JK). When you are wearing a pair of “dior sunglassesâ€, your eyes are hidden, and it is tough to say what you are looking for. This mystery and suspense are subtle but will generate curiosity among people to find out.

The historical link with glamour and edginess

Sunglasses are a fashion statement now, but this started (fashion trend) in the 1920s, and they didn’t become a fashion statement until a decade after its introduction. Hollywood also played a vital role in increasing the appeal of sunglasses in the 1950s and 60s. Celebrities started wearing it off-screen to go unrecognised and protect their eyes from camera flashes. 

Though the shades look good on you, it is not advisable to wear them indoors and 24×7. It sure makes you look odd; it can also hurt your eyes.

How can wearing sunglasses indoors hurt your eyes?

The habit of wearing shades indoors will not affect or damage your eyes, but it causes eye fatigue. It will turn into headaches if you keep wearing it indoors. The fatigue will be more if you are using low-quality sunglasses.

Wearing it indoors will keep your pupils dilated for a long period, which is bad for the retina—making it harder for the retina to adjust to the light intensity quickly.

Can it hurt your sleep cycle?

The sleep cycle is controlled by the hormones released by your body as per the changing conditions in the environment. The photoreceptors (sensitive to light) in your retina have a significant role in controlling circadian rhythms (mental, physical, and behavioural changes affecting the cycle).

Light is the main factor that affects the cycle; just like blue light from cell phones and other gadgets affects the brain and disrupts the sleep cycle, the semi-darkness created by the shades will also affect your sleep cycle.

So, wear the sunglasses in proper environments (outdoors) and for proper occasions. There’s no doubt that you will be extra cool with this piece of accessory.

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