Instamoda: Avail Real Instagram Followers (Updated 2022)

Instamoda is a website that can give you over 500 followers on the social media platform Instagram. Instamoda is an illegal method of making yourself popular on social media platforms. 

Is Instamoda about increasing your followers only?

No, instamoda is not just for the increment of your followers, but also for 

  • Likes for your story, photos, and videos
  • Comments for your story, photos, and videos
  • Views on your story, photos, and videos
  • Identify the users who do not follow you but got the following from you:

Is Instamoda safe and cares about your data privacy?

No, instamoda is not safe as it has all access to your account of Instagram. They can do everything with it, even change your account password. Actually, you log into Instagram through the instamoda webpage, which accesses all the information you entered to login into your account. Instamoda can share inappropriate data with others through your account or share your data on other platforms publicly.

Connect with likes if you want organic likes and comments on your post.

Can Instamoda share your data with others?

According to the terms and policies of instamoda, instamoda has complete access to your account. As instamoda can access everything so they can share your data with others or even sell it to the data brokers or market.

Is Instamoda legit or a fraud?

According to the reviews of different users of instamoda instamoda is not a fraud. Instamoda actually increases your followers, likes, comments, views on stories, and follow-up warnings on Instagram. But I do not mean instamoda is authentic, as it can share your personal information as discussed above. According to a survey, 84% of people consider instamoda as legit.

What is the method of increasing your fame using Instamoda?

In order to increase your fame using instamoda, follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, open your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
  • Secondly, search for the official webpage of instamoda (
  • Translate the page into the language you understand or English as it is in Turkish by default [Optional]
  • Click the big blue button to get logged into your account
  • A new window will open, and you have to translate it again into English [Optional]
  • Login through the interface provided by instamoda by giving your username and password (could take over two minutes to get a logged id)
  • A new window will appear with the options
    • Send Like
    • Send followers
    • Send comment
    • Story view
    • Video view
  • By choosing the option you would receive confirmation if you wanted to use the feature.

When Instamoda was created?

Instamoda was created in 2017 by a Turkish developer. As you can see the web page is in Turkish.

Who created Instamoda?

Instamoda was created in 2017 by Özgür DOĞAN to encourage young talent and generation by increasing their fame.

Is there any other application or webpage available instead of Instamoda?

Yes, there are multiple options instead of instamoda to increase your followers, likes or comments not only just for Instagram, but on other social media platforms like Facebook, Snack video, TikTok, etc.

What are the negative reviews of Instamoda?

Whenever we talk about a public application or a platform there are always positive and negative opinions from different people having different points of view. The following are the listed negative reviews of users of instamoda:

  • The registered contacted email address is a free one (trust issue as it is not common for professional websites)
  • According to Alexa, this site has a low Alexa rank (after more than 5 years in the market, a website should have a high Alexa ranking)
  • Elevated risk country web hosting (the countries identified by the International Banking Federation as having a substantial risk of fraud and corruption)
  • This server hosts a high number of suspicious websites (along with this website this server also hosts multiple fraud websites)
  • The owner has no good history to trust (the domain registration company declares a very low score to this host)
  • The website was threatened by IQ Threat Intelligence for network abuse (some criminal activities happened which means no security of your account)

What is the Alexa Ranking of Instamoda till today?

The Alexa ranking of is 480226 in 5 years till today with 5 backlinks. The global ranking of is 323,856, the country rank is 42,632 (India) and the category rank is 335.

Which are the top countries using Instamoda?

According to the survey, more than 70 percent of the total usage of instamoda lies in the Asia subcontinent. 60 per use of instamoda throughout the World is in India and Pakistan is in the second stage with 9 percent usage continuing with Italy (8 percent), Iraq (6 percent), and the USA (5 percent).

Which type of people use instamoda?

There are two ways to divide the users as: 

Gender Distribution

Comparatively male uses more instamoda than female users. According to the survey, among all the users, 65 percent of users are male whereas 35 percent of users are female.

Age Distribution

The most use of instamoda is in youngest people 33 percent of the use of instamoda is by age group of 18 years to 24 whereas 32 percent of the use of instamoda is by age group of 25 to 34 years moreover 15 percent use of instamoda is by age group of 35 years to 44 years whereas 9 percent of the use of instamoda is by age group of 45 years to 54 years and remaining 9 percent of the use of instamoda is by age group of more than 55 years.

What are the total visits to instamoda in the past three months?

According to the survey of different websites and organizations, the total visits in the past three months were 328.8 thousand with 132.9 thousand visits in March 2022, 104.3 thousand visits in April 2022, and 91.6 thousand visits in May 2022.

Which type of people uses instamoda?

According to the survey and web browsing of instamoda users, we can conclude their audience interest. The most common interest among the users of instamoda is Streaming and Online TV, Search Engines, social media networks, Email, etc.