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Is Digital Marketing Better Than Conventional Marketing?

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Digital marketing isn’t just limited to ads on social media and forums. If that were the case, conventional marketing wouldn’t be that far behind. And there would be no debate about which was better. But if you look at how long digital marketing has been around. As compared to how long conventional marketing has been around, digital marketing can definitely be called newer. So it would make sense that conventional marketing could stand to gain a few things from digital marketing. This article will explore some of the ways that conventional marketing may benefit from some aspects of digital marketing and vice versa.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that defines many different aspects of online marketing. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine advertising, and display advertising are all examples of digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of several ways to advertise online; others include content writing, email, and affiliate programs. 

All forms of digital advertising (as well as traditional means) have strengths and weaknesses. That should be considered before making any decisions about which tactics to use. Think carefully about your objectives for each campaign. Then let your agency know what those objectives are. So we can develop a digital marketing plan that will help you meet them. 

If you already have a company website, it’s likely you already engage in digital marketing to some extent. Whether it’s SEO or Facebook ads–but don’t stop there! Consider what other digital mediums would make sense for your business. How they could create new opportunities for growth through exposure in front of potential customers.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more cost-effective than conventional marketing. In part because it allows marketers to focus their spending on a smaller set of potential customers. Because digital marketing is so targetable, businesses can spend less money on ads and reach more people. 

For example, Google AdWords enables advertisers to select keywords related to products or services they offer. As well as specific demographic targets such as age or gender. An advertiser could then pay Google based on how many users click on an ad. That appears next to search results for those targeted words (though you’ll pay more per click if your ad shows up above rather than below other search results). 

The same kind of targeting power isn’t available with print advertising—for instance, you couldn’t choose to place an ad only in magazines read by 20-year-old men who earn $25,000 per year.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

All digital marketing isn’t good. One of its biggest drawbacks is that it’s all-consuming: If you don’t have a strong grasp on all of your content, from social media to email to paid ads, your efforts will be spread thin and they won’t be as effective. Plus, digital marketing can get really expensive really fast. It can cost thousands a month to hire an agency or pay for software. 

You may wind up spending more than $1 million by 2020—the year digital ad spending is projected to hit $113 billion. So if you are not careful, you could lose big money without seeing any return on investment (ROI). That’s why it’s so important to work with reliable digital marketing companies who know how to invest your budget wisely. 

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Similarities Between Digital and Conventional Advertising

Digital and conventional marketing have a lot in common, including targeting audiences. For instance, consider TV ads. Many of us have heard that more than half of all television viewers don’t watch ads on TV, so why bother with them at all? Yet advertisers continue to spend billions on them each year. The reason is simple: traditional advertising reaches people who may not be actively looking for a product or service—just like digital ads. 

Digital doesn’t rule out conventional; it augments it. Is digital marketing better than conventional marketing? We think they’re stronger together. At Mad Digital, we use both digital and conventional techniques to drive brand awareness, engagement, conversion, loyalty, and revenue for our clients. Our team brings your brand message to life across every channel of communication. Let us help you reach your marketing goals today!


A digital marketing agency can help in many ways. Digital marketing has become an essential part of business and advertising, not just for your small business but for larger companies too. If you are unsure about hiring a digital marketing agency, you should consider some of its benefits before making a decision. 

They have expertise that helps with outreach to individuals and businesses across platforms including Google Ads, Facebook ads, videos, and more. With expertise comes education on how to market online successfully so that you can use social media or other platforms effectively as part of your overall marketing strategy. It will allow you to know what to post online so that it is viewed by others who may become interested in your products or services. 

By working with a digital marketing agency, they will be able to track your progress which helps you fine-tune things so that they are working well together. This allows you to create better campaigns instead of wasting time by doing everything yourself. Another benefit is that professionals use analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics when managing campaigns, especially paid campaigns like Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter.

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