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Is My Broadband Connection Good Enough For Gaming

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Choppy internet service is the worst thing to get stuck with when you’re an avid gamer. You end up losing a game you almost won because of lag caused by your choppy internet connection. If you love gaming, you definitely need to install a reliable and fast connection at home. It’s as important for gaming, as it is for other activities like browsing, studying, and working. 

Many people often confuse a good internet connection with a fast internet connection. a fast download speed is just one of the many factors that make a good internet connection. Gaming goes beyond just the part where you actually play the game. You have to download the game, update the old games, connect with your friends in real-time and communicate mid-game. So you need a broadband connection that can sustain your lifestyle and satisfy your gaming needs.

Unnecessary glitches and continuous lags ruin the tempo and make you lose a game you were about to win. It’s frustrating, to say the least, but you can always ensure you’re getting the right broadband speed at home to sustain your gaming activities. Listed below are a few factors you should look into when shopping for an internet plan for gaming!     

Download speed and upload speed

Download speed refers to the rate at which data is communicated between the user and console. The data covers stuff like real-time gaming state, mouse input, location, keyboard input, and player communication. Now, online gaming typically doesn’t require a huge amount of bandwidth, but with new games entering the market featuring high-definition graphics and modern gaming sets, a download speed of up to 3Mbps and more is sufficient. This speed is advertised on the internet plan. 

The upload speed however is slower than the download speed as you can easily get by with 1 to 2 Mbps. Upload speed isn’t popularly discussed when it comes to gaming since there are several other more important factors to look into. 

Connection type

What kind of internet connection is installed at your home? It makes all the difference in the world for all your online experiences. From studying and working online to gaming online, your internet connection defines the quality of your online experiences. 

For instance, cable connections are faster than DSL and thus provide a faster and better gaming experience. But when fiber comes into the picture, your cable connection is automatically considered slower. A connection that promises low latency or low ping rate is ideal. For instance, satellite connections will do you no good since they have high latency, and cause unnecessary lags to your game. Pick connections like cable and fiber that promise low latency! Take a look at Rise Broadband Internet plans to find gaming internet options in rural areas! A Rise Broadband Speed Test will help you understand the kind of speed you can expect from the provider for your gaming sessions!

Physical distance

Distance is a factor that plays a vital role in determining your gaming experiences. The distance between you and the server, the distance between you and the console, the distance between your console and the router – sets the quality of your experience. Latency, as discussed should always be low when it comes to gaming. Latency is a factor that depends on distance as well. Even if you’re a few miles away from the server itself, your game can experience lags if the distance keeps increasing or keeps getting interrupted. The signals from the server should be able to reach you and back fast, so the game doesn’t lag and you don’t lose because of a milli-second glitch. 

To wrap it up

Dealing with a lousy internet connection is everyone’s biggest fear. And getting stuck with it for a long while is no less than a nightmare, especially for an avid gamer. A good internet connection should be a low-latency internet connection with fast speeds! Explore all your options and pick a plan that checks off all the boxes on your list! A plan that delivers consistent speeds, a low-latency connection, and incredible customer support is good enough to fulfill all your gaming requirements!

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