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Morning wood on men, Learn the facts and causes

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Morning wood can be use describe an erection when you awake in the early morning. Are erections that occur in the morning a normal thing? What happens if a man does not possess morning-time wood? Read the full explanation below.

What’s Morning Wood?

As previously explained This is why the term morning wood meaning an erect position in the morning. In the medical field the condition is known as nighttime penile tumescence (NPT). Furthermore to this, it is known as nocturnal sexual erection.

NPT is not connect to physical stimulation or fantasies of love. This is simply a sign for the menstrual system operating normal. The morning erections that occur regularly indicate that nerves and blood supply are in good order.

If a man isn’t experiencing NPT often, it could be a sign of a health issue like erectile disfunction (ED) and issues with nerves or flow of blood to reproductive organs.

Hormonal imbalances, like lower testosterone levels, may impact the frequency that an individual experiences. Sometimes , it is due to not getting enough sleep.

As people age men may experience morning wood less often.

The causes for Wood

While there are a variety of theories that could help explain why you are early morning erect but none of them is support by solid scientific proof. There are a few theories include:

Physical Stimulation

Even even when your eyes are close Your body is conscious of what’s happening in the surrounding area. If your partner touches accidentally the other, an erection could happen. The body detects the stimulation and then responds to an erection. Cenforce 100 and Kamagra Jelly can aid in resolving an erection.

An erection can be cause by something physical different than an erection that is cause by the arousal. Certain men felt pain while experiencing NPT but not in the normal erection.

The Hormone Shift

Testosterone levels are most elevated in the morning when you get up. This alone could be enough to trigger an erection without physical stimulation.

As men get older, usually between 40 and 50, testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. As testosterone levels drop as they age. It is possible that the amount of NPT could be reduce as well.

The Brain Relax

In the daytime during the day, your body releases hormones to prevent an protracted erection. If you are asleep the body will release lower levels of those hormones. Take these two facts together and you have the reasons you could experience an erection while you nighttime sleep. So that NPT can be more likely happen.

Morning wood is not always an indication of physical awakening. Most of the time, NPT is not cause by dreams or thoughts that are physical in nature.

How often should morning Wood Show Up?

In general, males of all ages are susceptible to NPT. Most often, young men with the highest levels of testosterone, tend to have erections at night more often. Men of a young age may experience an erection each morning, and often at night.

Physical maturity at its peak usually happens during the late teens or late 30s. This could be due to testosterone levels. Morning wood refers to something that is normal for those who are who are in this age group.

As a person reaches his 40s and 50s, the rate of NPT might be reduce. This is because testosterone levels naturally decline. However, this decrease is suppose to occur slowly and not abruptly.

A study showed that males suffering from hypogonadism, an illness that hinders physical organs from functioning properly and causing an increase in NPT after receiving testosterone therapy.

There are studies that suggest it is possible that one’s sleeping habits can impact how often NPT occurs. Some men do not have NPT at night.

People suffering from sleep apnea with obstruction and erectile dysfunction observed that better quality sleep resulted in greater frequency of NPT.

If You Quit Doing Morning Wood?

It is an indication of erectile dysfunction. You might experience something inside your body that hinders an adequate supply of nerve or blood for proper erectile performance. There is a higher chance that you will experience an erectile dysfunction when:


Are you suffering from high blood pressure?

The levels of cholesterol are high.

Are you suffering from diabetes?

Experiencing depression

As the morning wood is a sign of quality sleep and physical well-being, it’s a great idea to keep an eye on how often it happens.

If the NPT stops suddenly or is less frequent Consultation with a physician is require. This could be a sign of an issue with your health like heart disease and high blood pressure or diabetes. Particularly for men who are younger. Vidalista 40Fildena 200, Cenforce 100 may help in treating the condition known as ed.

For example, antidepressants can hinder an individual to obtain or keep an intimate erection. Other drugs that could result in a sudden drop or even a complete stoppage of NPT are:

Meds for blood pressure

A muscle relaxant

Hormonal medications

Seizure medicine

Histamine H2 antagonists

Chemotherapy medications

Treatment of arrhythmias with medication

If a patient has recently began treatment and has notice changes in the rate of NPTs, consulting with a doctor is recommend. Additionally, speaking with a physician in the event that the erection feels painful.

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