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Narrative Writing Tips and Rules You Must Follow

Writing is not an easy job. This is because you have to equip yourself with tons of data and many skills before writing on a topic. Writing is of many types. In today’s discussion, we will only talk about narrative writing tips. Like every kind of writing, narrative writing also has some rules that one needs to follow. But before moving on towards those tips and rules, let’s define narrative writing.

Narrative writing relates to telling a story. In most cases, it can be a story about a personal experience that you had in the past, or a story based on someone else. Unlike academic writing, it allows you to become personal, and descriptive in terms of your writing. This writing also tests the persuading, and attracting abilities of a writer. The teachers assign this writing to judge the writing abilities of students. You’re supposed to think about how well you tell your story. It would help if you thought about where your story begins, and ends. One has to write eye-catching, and persuasive text for the purpose of attracting potential readers.

Narrative Writing Tips

As narrative writing is not an easy job to do. Most of the students hire assignment writing services to get help from them. However, there are some writing tips that you can follow. By following those tips, one can quickly write a good story. A brief description of narrative writing tips is as follows;


The first writing tip is that of clarity. A reason for this is that clarity within narrative writing is very important. It provides the reader with a text that is easy to understand, and interpret. A writer should avoid using complex words and jargons as they only make reading difficult. The story should be in a concise, and straightforward way.

The complex words and syntax hinder the flow of reading. So it is important to note that ideas, and the story should flow smoothly within both sentences and paragraphs. An unclear, and complex narrative writing will not attract the readers. For example;

Example: Although I had never gone to horse racing before, I was both intrigued, and nervous to see them because of the types of individuals who attend.

Improved: I had never been to a horse race in my life. I was excited to witness it. But I was also a little nervous since I wasn’t sure about the type of people there.

Looking at the example above, you may have noticed the level of clarity in both stories. The improved text is more clear, and is easy to read, and understand as well.

Don’t be too descriptive

Not being too descriptive is also one of the most important narrative writing tips. Naturally, sometimes writers become too descriptive. They try to explain every action they do. It’s good if your audience includes little school-age kids. But for a younger and mature audience, don’t be too descriptive. Always try to explain things in a straightforward, and concise manner. Sometimes, readers already know the things that you’re explain in your writing. In this case, they won’t pay much attention to the over explained text, and may jump to another section as well. He won’t read the text properly, and thus miss the important parts too. For example;

Example: As I entered the house through the door, I saw a TV in the lounge. I looked around the house and witnessed hanging posters on the walls. As I went further into the house, I noticed that everyone was watching Ertugurl on the TV.

Now you might have noticed that this scenario is too descriptive. It should have been like this;

Improved: I immediately noticed a TV and posters on the wall after entering the house. Everyone was busy watching Ertugrul on the TV.

The difference is clear in both scenarios. The second is less descriptive, and delivers the same information.

Avoid The Second-Person Narrative

With respect to narrative writing, avoiding the second-person narrative is a pro-tip. Narrative writing is all about telling a story that you have experienced. You can’t make use of the second person in it. Because addressing the second person will cause many problems for you. One of the problems in such a situation is facing less viewership of the writing. The readers want to read your story, but not another person’s story. And sometimes the use of a second person becomes crucial. In those circumstances you can use it, but using it often is not recommended. For example;

Example: As you go into the house through the main door, you will see a TV in the lounge. Going further into the house, you notice that children are watching the TV.  

Rules of Narrative Writing

With narrative writing tips, there are also some rules. One must remember these rules to ensure effective narrative writing. A brief description of those rules is as follows;


Different writings require different use of persons. Some require writing in second and third person, whereas some require writing in first-person. Although some narrative writings use the third person, i.e., he, she, and it. Most of the narrative writings don’t use the second, or third person. It’s a rule that a writer must use the first person in narrative writing.


Narrative writing is all about telling a story, or explaining an experience. It is useless if there is no story, or personal experience in the aspect of narrative writing. Thus, storytelling is also a rule in itself that narrative writing has to follow. A narrative doesn’t deviate much from traditional storytelling. It should also ensure the addition of a plot, characters, setting, climax, and ending.

Enabling Visualisation

A good narrative should make readers feel that they are the real characters of the story. It should enable the readers to visualise things as well. But this can only be possible when the writer describes each part of the plot straightforwardly, and concisely.


Narrative writing is a great tool to persuade readers through a story, or personal experience. Within this context the writer doesn’t give a conclusion at the end. It is instead the readers who draw a conclusion after reading the complete writing. The narrative writing tips explained here are only the major ones. There are some other tips and rules too. You can look for them on the internet.

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