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Occasions & Ideas to Wear Big Hats to Steal the Show 

Big sun hats are an excellent way of adding color and dimension to your wardrobe. Fashion designers and expert personal stylists believe that styling a hat may be regarded as an integral part of your attire. Just like a statement jewelry piece, hats are great for adding a bold touch to your overall appearance and personality. 

According to Wikipedia, a sun hat is also called a harvest hat, a field hat, or a floppy hat. A floppy hat is a headgear that has been specially created to provide shade and protection to your head, neck, face, and shoulders from the direct heat of the sun. In contemporary times, sun hats or floppy hats are extremely popular across the globe particularly in holiday resorts mostly in tropical countries where direct sunlight is abundant. Big floppy hats are best for shielding you against dangerous skin cancers and UV-induced sunburns. However, sun hats are worn on many occasions, purely as a fashion accessory to take your style quotient many notches higher.

Where & When to Wear a Big Floppy Hat

Poolside or Beach

You may wear a stunning floppy hat on the beach while sunbathing and reading your favorite book. You may relax at the beach or even at the poolside once you put a hat on. Simply apply some sunscreen or tanning lotion while soaking in the warmth of the sun. Once you have your hat on, all worries about the weather can be put to rest. Wear hats that are comfortable and breathable on poolside and beaches. Nothing looks smarter and cool than someone lounging on the poolside or beach flaunting a floppy hat.

Outdoor Trips

Do not forget your big hats when you are going on a vacation to admire the fabulous outdoors. A big floppy hat is a way to go on camping amidst nature in the woods. Floppy hats are best for grabbing instant attention. When you have a passion for the outdoors and nature trekking projects it is best to wear long-sleeved outfits and a high-quality sun hat.

To Match Your Perfect Outfit

When you wish to look perfect in a great outfit, you may complete the look with a stunning floppy hat to grab attention. For instance, it is most pleasurable to attend the Tennessee Derby festival or party in a perfect outfit with a wide-brimmed hat to balance the overall look. Big floppy hats not only protect your hair, face, and head from the scorching heat of the sun, they are perfect for complementing your attire and making you look awesome.

How to Wear Floppy Hats to Best Complement Your Outfit

Idea: Team Your Outfit with a Rust Hat

It is a good idea to buy a hat online or straightaway from the millinery. You get the opportunity to choose from a broad spectrum of styles. Always opt for a hat that fits your head snugly and looks perfect. Nothing can be more embarrassing than running after your hat displaced by a strong wind. You may customize a hat as per your unique specifications like facial shape. 

You may try a cool-toned dress with a creamy blazer. Complete the look with rust colored, wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses for making a bold fashion statement. It is best to let your hair hang around loosely or in casual or looser curls. This type of big hat commands attention, but in a relaxed and laid-back manner!

Idea: Wear a Classic Floppy Hat Matching Your Outerwear

You may keep things classic by trying the rich burgundy color that seems to be a predominant fall trend and keeps coming back every year. Burgundy floppy hats make heads turn and you feel like indulging in fun outdoor activities right from visiting an orchard to pick apples or going to a pumpkin patch. If you are not so comfortable with the idea of wearing a burgundy hat, you may stick to a style tip from an expert Fashion designer- Buy a floppy hat that best coordinates with the color of your outerwear. A matching hat will seamlessly complete your look and boost your aesthetic appeal.

Wear a turtle neck and a pair of wide-leg jeans. Complete the look with a matching floppy hat. Wine and some other warm neutral tones like olive green, khaki, and camel look amazing together. Alternatively opt for a hat in dark tones like classic black, dark purple and deep navy. Complete the look with a trench and classic riding boots or a stunning curve-hugging sweater with high heels.


We will come across diverse styles for experimenting and discovering which one is just right for you. Remember to wear a hat only if you love your look and feel confident. If you are a bit scared to wear a stunning floppy hat in public, start getting into a habit by wearing it to the beach or poolside at first. Floppy hats have coexisted with changing fashion trends through the years.

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