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PNPCODA: COVID-19 awareness by Philippines (Basic Guide & Information)

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PNPCODA is an organization in the Philippines to control and spread awareness about COVID-19. It is not just about awareness; you can also get news alerts regarding COVID-19. PNPCODA was a great idea, and it was acknowledged and appreciated by other nations as well. The main purpose of PNPCODA was to remove the COVID-19 virus completely from the Philippines. This organization is still working.

What is PNPCODA?

PNPCODA is a combination of the two words PNP and CODA. PNP means Philippines Police and CODA means vaccination of COVID-19. This organization was initially designed to aware people of COVID-19 severity and vaccination. 

When COVID-19 firstly attacked in 2019, scientists started to work on the vaccination of the deadly viruses. In 2020, some small supportive vaccines were launched, and there was a rumor of dying after the vaccination. So, the Philippine government decided to gather at a platform and find out the solution to awareness about vaccination and COVID-19.

Hence, they decided to create an organization named PNPCODA especially to spread awareness about COVID-19 and make sure everyone gets vaccinated. PNPCODA organizes programs at the state and city levels to keep everyone safe. In this step, the Philippines saved thousands of Philippine citizens. Other nations also acknowledged and appreciated such efforts against the deadly viruses.

What are the requirements to register for PNPCODA?

Firstly, you must be a citizen of the Philippines. You must have a Philippines Identity card and photos on your device. Internet access and a smart device are also needed.

How to register for PNPCODA?

You must register yourself before using any feature of PNPCODA. To register your account, you must follow a few basic steps. Read the above sections regarding requirements for registration to get registered successfully. Follow the instructions given to PNPCODA to register yourself officially:

  • Get internet access on your smart device.
  • Open your favorite browser such as Vivaldi, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • Search for PNPCODA official website to register your account
  • Open the registration process to move to the next step to register your account.
  • Enter your Philippine ID and some necessary information asked.
  • Submit your Photo on the PNPCODA registration form.
  • Click the Register button to get registered successfully.

How to Log in to PNPCODA?

If you want to use any feature on PNPCODA such as getting vaccination or news alert about COVID-19, you must log in to PNPCODA official portal. After the registration, you can log in to PNPCODA. You must follow the instructions given to log in to the PNPCODA:

  • Open your favorite browser such as Vivaldi, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • Search for PNPCODA official website to register your account
  • Enter your login credentials username and password allocated by the organization.
  • Click the log-in button to log in to PNPCODA successfully.

How does PNPCODA help the public?

As I mentioned earlier PNPCODA was an agency of the Philippines to save them from the deadly virus, COVID-19. After the vaccination was created, there was a rumor on social media networks that you will die if you take in the vaccine. This news trembled everyone and the nations were worried about their safety. In such circumstances, the Philippines take the action of creating an agency.

This agency started working with 26000 Police Officers to lead their nation to the safe side. Firstly, they tell people about the danger of COVID-19 and then about vaccination.

Otherwise, it could be exceedingly difficult to spread awareness about such a serious matter.

This effort becomes a lifesaver and guides millions of people to the safe side. This organization is still working for the welfare of the people of the Philippines. You can get the latest news about COVID-19 on PNPCODA official website.

How has PNPCODA managed to spread awareness regarding COVID-19?

The Philippines government wanted to spread awareness about COVID-19 as soon as possible. So, they developed an organization to spread awareness. PNPCODA decided to spread awareness online due to time and social distancing. They do not have to visit anyone physically, PNPCODA website looks like a perfect option. PNPCODA developed an online platform and started doing online sessions with video displays to give a better understanding.

When PNPCODA was started?

PNPCODA was started after COVID-19 attacked 1st in 2029 and vaccination was developed. The rumor was revolving around the death of the person who intakes the vaccination for COVID-19. The PNPCODA organization was created right after vaccination.

What was the main purpose of PNPCODA?

PNPCODA’s main purpose was to spread awareness about COVID-19 and its vaccination. After the wrong rumor regarding COVID-19 vaccination. The Philippines government created PNPCODA, and its main purpose was to spread awareness about the righteousness of the vaccine for COVID-19.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of PNPCODA?

There are also advantages and disadvantages of PNPCODA. It is a universal rule that every object or entity has some beneficial effects on society and some adverse effects. We will discuss some benefits first and then their limitations.


PNPCODA helps the government to save the country from COVID-19 and its destruction. They developed an online system to provide services to uneducated people. PNPCODA helps the government to spread the news about COVID-19 fastly and efficiently. There are more than 26000 officers who were taking care of the public and spread awareness. PNPCODA worked day and night (24/7) to help the public.


PNPCODA was an awfully expensive setup. The Philippines government spends a lot of money to develop a system for PNPCODA and hiring more than 26000 officers was a challenging task but there were more advantages than disadvantages, which make it more vulnerable and quality effort against COVID-19


PNPCODA is a Philippines agency whose main goal was to help the public with COVID-19 and vaccination for COVID-19. There was a rumor regarding the vaccination for COVID-19 that you will die after the in-taking the vaccine. Its main goal was to spread awareness regarding vaccination. This organization was successful and became a lifesaver effort for the Philippines People. In this article, we discussed all the crucial factors regarding COVID-19 and its vaccination.

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