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5 proven ways to speed up your hiring process

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The pandemic has forced companies to rethink their recruitment strategies. Many have identified ways to revamp their centralized hiring process. There’s no denying that the virus has proved to be the ultimate test of patience for employers and employees alike.  

Speeding up the hiring process can provide great relief to HR professionals and applicants. There are many ways through which you can create an efficient hiring procedure. This can allow you to improve the candidate experience and save your money on the whole recruitment process.  

That said, here are five proven ways to speed up your hiring process:  

1. Give Detailed Job Descriptions  

Job descriptions are perhaps one of the most important aspects of the hiring process. They are also among the most overlooked. Job descriptions serve multiple purposes. Number one. They inform the candidates about the nature of the job. Number two. They attract the right candidates. Number three. They give an impression about the company and its culture.  

Because the window for the hiring process is short, most HR professionals try to fill in vacancies as quickly as possible. They do not realize the importance of hiring the right candidate. This is one of the reasons many companies overlook job descriptions. They do not provide enough details for candidates to assess if they are fit for the job in the first place.  

2. Remove All Unnecessary Steps  

The pandemic has made many realize the importance of saving money. For companies, saving unnecessary costs can bring huge benefits in the long term. Reducing unnecessary steps in the hiring process can save you a lot of time. Also, you’ll be able to speed up the hiring process and get the best possible candidates for the job.  

It is important to evaluate the current hiring process to determine if you’re making the best out of it. Study each step of the hiring process. Look for potential changes to create clear and effective job descriptions and alerts. Think from a candidate’s perspective. What type of recruitment process does a candidate want to go through? Ask yourself these questions and you’ll get good results.  

3. Don’t Keep the Candidates Waiting  

Many companies do not get back to candidates who do not make it through the tests. That never creates a good impression. Candidates have invested time and resources to get to the place of the interview. If a large number of people fail to make it through the first stage, inform them of this politely.  

You can draft an automated response for the unsuccessful candidates. Use greetings and salutations and be professional throughout the email. Tell them that they weren’t able to make it through but should not get their spirits down. Use an automation system to send email alerts to unsuccessful candidates. Also, close a vacancy as soon as the application deadline closes.  

4. Use Social Media to Post Job Alerts  

The impact of social media on communication is simply too big to ignore. Social media has unprecedented reach. More than half the world’s population uses social media. That’s more than four billion people, by the way. If you’re an organization looking to hire new employees, you won’t get a bigger pool of applicants other than on social media.  

Make sure to use multiple social networking websites to post job alerts. Websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed Jobs, and Monster are widely popular among job searchers. These web applications come with dozens of features. Not only do they allow you to post jobs, but they also provide opportunities to connect with potential top candidates.  

5. Use Automation Tools  

Hiring can be costly. Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the recruitment process. Instead of relying on traditional hiring practices, you should adopt the latest tech tools. Manual hiring can be time-consuming and arduous. If you’re an HR person, you already know the cons of the manual hiring process.  

Make sure that you do not have to do most of the work manually. Use automation where possible. It is advisable to leverage automation tools to speed up the hiring process. Keep applications on the system instead of hard copies. Use the latest software to sift through CVs, track applications, and double-check references.  


These were the five proven ways to speed up the hiring process in staffing agency. Adopting tech tools is the way forward. It can save you time and money in addition to giving you the best employees.

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