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Ramneek Sidhu: Read About Young Entrepreneur of Digital Marketer (Bio and Early Desicions)

Ramneek Sidhu is a young entrepreneur who started his own company named Digital Kings, at a youthful age. He is a young and successful businessperson who started business at 20 years. His business network is in Dubai and India. Ramneek Sidhu is thinking of spreading its network in Canada as well. Most of Digital Kings’ clients are Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. If you want to know more about this successful story, then keep reading the article till the end. 

Who is Ramneek Sidhu?

Ramneek Sidhu was an average person with a unique idea. And that unique idea made Sidhu a young entrepreneur. Ramneek Sidhu thinks of the great ideas in the age when other kids think about their aim in life. He started his own company at 20. Ramneek Sidhu is the founder of Digital Kings. Digital Kings is a Digital Marketing Company that helps celebrities and other people to manage their social media platforms and advertise them on social media. 

Ramneek Sidhu is an Indian who was born in a small city Mohali, Punjab. His early life was simple, but he always thinks of great and that helps him to achieve such great goals. When he was graduating, he started his own company at 20. He works for that company day and night and makes it grow in 6 years. Now, his company has offices in Dubai and India.

What was the early life of Ramneek Sidhu?

His early life was quite simple. He took his basic and higher education from Mohali. He completed his BTech in Computer Science from Rayat and the Bahra Group of Institutes in Mohali. Now he moved toward his interest and did graduation in business management. The early life of Ramneek Sidhu was simple and straight, but later he picked the right track toward his goals.

During Graduation in 2013, at 17, Ramneek Sidhu did a job as a Head of a Digital Company. He did a job for 3 years, until 2016. This was enough time to give him the courage to start his own entrepreneurial business.

What is Sidhu’s family background?

Ramneek Sidhu has not public his family information yet. Nobody knows about Sidhu’s family. Even though we have not seen Sidhu’s any picture on social media with his family or attending a family event. It is unknown who the parents and siblings of Ramneek Sidhu are.

What is Sidhu known for?

Ramneek Sidhu is a young entrepreneur known for the company Digital Kings started 6 years ago in 2016. Sidhu started a digital marketing company during graduation at 20 years. And now he is well known on social media and his Instagram account is officially registered.

When did Ramneek start Digital Kings?

Ramneek started Digital Kings in 2016, at the age of only 20 years. Ramneek was always different and prominent, among others. His thinking level was different, which made him think about inaugurating a digital marketing company. He was an undergraduate student at the start of his digital marketing company, Digital Kings.

How did Ramneek get the idea of Business at an Early Age?

As I have mentioned earlier Ramneek always had a different thinking approach from others. He knew his destination was digital marketing at the age when others think about their aim in life. But Digital Kings is not an idea of Ramneek Only. Ramneek met another digitally marketed craze person Jabanjit Singh.

Ramneek was a computer science student, and he knew the future of social media. So, he flew off well to that destination. Then he chose Business management to learn management skills better. And at the same time, he got 3 years of experience in a Digital company. Now he was completely ready to take off and start his own company. So, Ramneek and Jabanjit Singh collaborated and started a digital marketing company in 2016.

Later, he expanded his business in two countries as Dubai and India. And it is not the end of it. Ramneek Sidhu is working leap and is bound to expand its business further in its third country Canada. It is seemed possible that Digital Kings is going to inaugurate its third office in Canada soon.

Where did Ramneek Sidhu take birth?

Ramneek Sidhu was born in the Indian city of Mohali, Punjab. This city is not a big one but is known for cricket grounds, shopping malls, and classical buildings. Mohali is an old city in the Sub-continent and has an immense culture. Ramneek Sidhu was born in this city and lived his early life here.

What is the age of Ramneek Sidhu?

Ramneek Sidhu is a noticeably young entrepreneur. His current age is 26 years old. He was born on January 2, 1995. He was born in Mohali, Punjab. He started his Digital marketing company at the age of 20 years.

Where does Ramneek Sidhu Live?

Ramneek Sidhu was born in India, but currently, he lives in Dubai. One of the two offices is in Dubai.

Is Ramneek Sidhu married?

No, Ramneek Sidhu is not married yet. There is no news regarding the marriage of Ramneek Sidhu yet. Although there is a girlfriend of Ramneek Sidhu named Surabhi Yadav.

Does Ramneek Sidhu have any relationship?

Yes, Ramneek Sidhu has a relationship with a girl, Surabhi Yadav. Surabhi Yadav is also an Indian born living in Dubai right now. Both share their photos on their Instagram account. They might get married in the future, but there is no report regarding marriage yet.

What is the official Instagram account of Ramneek Sidhu?

The Official Instagram Account of Ramneek Sidhu is @ramneeksidhu01.


Ramneek Sidhu is a young entrepreneur who founded a digital marketing company at the age of 20. He was born in the Indian city of Mohali, Punjab in 1995. He lived his early life and got early education from Mohali. He also did a job for 3 years during graduation for a Digital company. And then he started his own Digital Marketing company in 2016. Now he lives in Dubai. Digital Kings has two offices in Dubai and India. And working on inaugurating a new office in Canada as well.

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