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Redfinger | The latest development trend of the gaming sector in 2023

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There are only two months left before 2023. Most people are already considering the development trend of the gaming sector in 2023. Gaming players are looking forward to the new game release and other gaming development next year. Although this year’s game data analysis is not over, there is no harm in predicting what will happen. Let’s review the changes in 2022.

New Gameplay: XX-like Genre Games

In mobile games, novel game playing methods appear every year, which is very common for us. However, few games can be labeled XX-Like genre. From the Dark Souls game released in 2017 to Slay the Spire, all these mobile games have led to the development of XX-Like genre in the industry. Creative games make the gaming industry full of new development ideas.

This year, Vampire Survivors made a public appearance. In the test conducted at the end of last year, this gaming gained various popularity, and it will grow significantly in 2022. Players begin to enjoy the games of gameplay with pixelated, auto-attacking and top-down features. At present, Steam’s positive comments exceed 130000, accounting for 98%. Vampire Survivors adds a carefully designed element of Xiake style, which clearly sets an example for the following players. is marked as another example similar to the survivor-like gene on the mobile client. The iOS free list and best seller list of most games can be found. Its revenue reached a new high after its official listing within three months, which made has achieved the top ten results in the Chinese game market. In addition, the monthly active users of the game exceeded 20 million.

The breakthrough of design rules enables more gaming developers to follow and learn from past experience. Therefore, it requires more and more innovation. This year, we can say that survivor like gene is a new type of game. Looking ahead, it is still unknown which players will like the next XX-Like gene in the next few days.

Cloud Gaming: A New Trend

Although there are not many cloud game products on the market, only miHoYo, Tencent and Netease are popular. But compared with the past, cloud gaming has made greater progress this year in terms of products, technologies and channel policies.

At the beginning of 2020, Apple stated that it would prohibit all apps from relying on cloud platform streaming to provide services. This move undoubtedly dampened the enthusiasm of many game developers for cloud game development. However, in the second half of 2020, Apple also let go of this policy and began to allow apps such as cloud games to be put on the App Store. Although there are still some restrictions on terms, for game developers, the problem of putting channels on the shelves has basically been solved.

More difficulties come from the product level. At this time, the cloud game service is mainly based on the cloud platform, and no single cloud app has been successful. Until the emergence of Genshin Impact, we can see the success hope of this model, and expand a new development path for everyone.

The success of Genshin Impact lies in the high quality of its products and the fine graphics. While Genshin Impact on GeForce let users enjoy PC-level game graphics without the limitations of hardware specifications. Therefore, major gaming manufacturers adopt the cloud gaming model to develop higher specifications of the product, which is also bound to become the following trend. More excellent products can be found on the cloud to allow players to enjoy.

In addition, a variety of cloud phone platforms are emerging amid this trend. With the adoption of cloud gaming philosophy, these platforms enable players to enjoy the game on the cloud without costing storage of physical smartphones across platforms. The top-notch products cover Redfinger cloud phone, LD Cloud in the sector.

Multi Platforms: More Choices for Gamers

The current mobile game market has entered the era of stock users, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to increase the demand for more users. In addition to the current wave of going to sea, a large number of overseas PC players have become potential user groups, and major manufacturers are no longer limited to a single mobile platform. Multi platform has become an effective way to expand the number of users.

We can also see this trend in some excellent game products in the industry. For example, “Honkai Impact 3” spans PC and mobile platforms. In addition to PC and mobile platforms, “Genshin Impact” has boarded the PS5 console and reaped a large number of console players; Tower of Fantasy is also based on PC and mobile platforms and has achieved good results.

It is also the successful verification of these products on multiple platforms that has prompted more gaming manufacturers to embark on the path of multi platform development. The major products exposed by major game manufacturers are basically based on multi platform development.

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