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Self Catering Accommodation Ballater

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How would you like to spend your vacation, holiday or your one-night stop? We all think and suppose that the place has to have a feeling of both home and a holiday, so you have to consider a self catering house. Ballater is located in Scotland on River Dee, it is a burgh in Aberdeenshire and a picturesque Victorian village.

It is also the nearest town to Balmoral castle; residence of the royal family. Ballater is a centre for tourism since it attracts lots and lots of tourists every year. This is due to its beautiful landscape, variety of accommodation, quality restaurants for its unique food, cafes, shops and not forgetting the outdoor adventures such as hiking, climbing, skiing and many other activities. Ballater is your ideal place for taking quality time and experiencing the best out of your holiday.

  A vacation home must have an amazing  view, well equipped space, indoor and outdoor activities and the most important of all, must be a neighbour to historical sites. By all these combined, it is obvious that; your holiday will be a memorable one and for this to happen, Dormie and Riverside cottage must be at the top of your list for perfect self-catering houses during your visit to Ballater.

   Dormie cottage.

It is a Self Catering Accommodation Ballater distinguished  for your holiday or vacation. Dormie cottage is a few steps from downtown and thus there is no need for hours to travel to the countryside after a long flight. It is a great choice for relaxation after a long day of tiredness. Dormie cottage is famous for its own unique features to make your holiday, vacation or your day off a significant and cherished time.Dormie Cottage has no age restriction, thus enabling both the elderly and kids to spend quality time together.

This self-catering house sleeps up to six people. It has one double bed, two single beds, one sofa bed, a well-furnished kitchen equipped with necessary  utilities such as microwave, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, bathroom and fire place. In addition to that the cottage has a private parking lot. It is framed by a gate to keep your pets safe. In your approach to the Dormie cottage you are taken in by its natural lighting which dissects through its wide windows to give you a feeling of cosy and comfy thus making your self-catering holiday enjoyable.

Despite its exclusive equipment, the self-catering house is a small driving  distance from Balmoral estates and Balmoral castle. It is also located near to Lecht and Glenshee ski centres and also many multi activity centres. Hence your outdoor activity will be productive and you will have a variety of outdoor adventures to choose from. These activities include hiking,cycling, fishing,horse riding and many others.

 This self catering accommodation Ballater,is located a small walk from River Dee  providing a perfect location to do fishing activities or play at the riverside with your kids as you enjoy the weather outside. Dormie cottage has a beautiful landscape to admire during your visit to Ballater.

Riverside cottage.

It is located a short distance from the centre of Ballater and established for the benefit of the family and friends who are looking forward to having a home away from their home. Riverside cottage has no age restriction thus it is open to everyone.It has several equipment and facilities put into use for you to feel delighted and at home.

This self catering home accommodates up to six people.It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two large sofas in the lounge, dining and sitting area, a cloakroom for your shoes and Jackets, flat screen television and indoor fire place to keep you warmer during winter. It also has a well-furnished kitchen with dishwasher, microwave, oven, pots and pans.

The facilities of this holiday house include;a secluded garden equipped with eco-friendly hot tub, free wifi, private parking and it is also a pet friendly cottage.

Riverside cottage; a lovely cottage, apart from its indoor recreation and exclusive features,it is also surrounded by natural beauty which your eyes will never get tired of. These natural landscapes include River Dee, craigendarroch mountain, lake Muick, National park and Muir of Dinnet National nature reserve.

This Self catering accommodation Ballater,  gives you access to pubs, restaurants, cafes, butcher and supermarkets which are located within the neighbourhood.This is a great idea to catch a drink or to have a taste of Ballater’s foods after a great outdoor adventure.These adventures include hiking,fishing,walking tour, horse riding, golf course and many other activities.


These self-catering accommodation, Ballater, are customised to make your dream holiday come true and possible to achieve it. The Dormie and Riverside cottages are great holiday homes built, designed and decorated to help you achieve the most out of your holiday.

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