While jeans may be your go-to work casual outfit, skirts and dresses are also appropriate. Many people these days are all about dresses and skirts as they are more comfortable thank the tight skin fitting jeans. 

Most of the blouses you wear with your jeans will work great with a skirt. In a solid colour or a pinstripe pattern, try a pencil, A-line, or pleated skirt. If there is a slit in the skirt, make sure it is modest and acceptable for sitting.To figure out which design you prefer, experiment with a range of colours and prints. 

For work casual clothes, dresses are a logical choice. It’s only one piece to put on and you’re ready to go to work. You don’t have to worry about which pants go with which top or vice versa while wearing dresses. When the weather becomes cooler, they look great with cardigans and jackets. The same criteria apply to necklines and sleeves as they do for blouses. Skirts and dresses as office wear for women can have hemlines that range from a few inches above the knee to just below the knee. You can consider using a silk scarf or bow ties and detachable collars in a lovely fabric and colour to liven up a plain outfit.

Things to keep in mind while shopping for skirts and dresses

Dimensions – A dress or skirt should not be so short that it makes you uncomfortable. Choose a skirt that falls just above the knee or, if you’re tall, a mid-thigh length. This length will allow you to easily get in and out of seats while also providing adequate coverage if you are walking upstairs or on an escalator.

Neckline – Dresses and blouses should have modest necklines that don’t reveal too much cleavage, if any at all. Wear a modest v-neck, round or scoop neck, boat neck, square, keyhole, or collared design. Also take into account your body type. Avoid high necklines, boat necks, and keyholes if you have a bigger breast, and instead opt for a v-neck or scoop neck. 

Sleeves – Because workplaces are usually cold, choose dresses with longer sleeves. You can wear a full-length sleeve with a cuff or a three-quarter-length sleeve, which is considered the most flattering. The wrist and elbow meet at the end of a three-quarter sleeve. It’s ideal for the office, the most flattering, covers your arms if you’re self-conscious about them, and it keeps you warm. 

Print or Color – The colour or print of your outfit will be dictated by your personal style. When it comes to solid-coloured dresses, choose hues that complement your skin tone the best. You may stick to classic black or navy, but look for hues that complement your skin tone as well as colours that correspond to the seasons.

Your dress’s fit is most likely crucial which is why you should get workwear for women from a good store like Not So Pink online. They have affordable yet stylish outfits for women especially who are working and looking for office wear. 


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