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Staffing Nurses & Hire Nurse – Sens Care AB

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Work As a Hired Nurse Via Sens Care AB.

We all know how stressful nurses can be. When you’re working full time, it’s hard to find the time for everything that needs doing in your personal life – especially when patients are waiting on beds that need care 24/7!

That is why Sens Care offers flexible schedules and excellent pay so nurses like yourself don’t have to worry about money or to be under-trained anymore because we’ll take care of both those worries forever by hiring only those who meet high standards while still offering freedom over one’s hours; good compensation plus ongoing training make this job an easy choice any day(or night)of the week.

Why Choose Sens Care?

När du arbetar som bemanningssjuksköterska för Sens Care ska det vara enkelt. Vi vill ge dig bästa möjliga service så du kan ha fullt fokus på ditt arbete och göra det du är bäst på. Om du väljer att jobba på annan ort hjälper vi dig med både boende och resor. Det är vårt ansvar att se till att du får all den information du behöver i samband med ett nytt uppdrag som hyrsjuksköterska.

1. Freedom & Flexibility

Sweden and Norway are two countries with rich histories. This means that there is plenty to offer for employment opportunities for those looking into working abroad, whether you want part-time hours or full-time work! You can also find this type of position within the region and through private care providers like nurses on their own without any employer involved at all – it’s completely up to you which option suits best based on your needs/wants right now.

2. Competitive Salary

You can find out about salary levels for nurses here. Salaries depend on education, previous experience, working hours, and flexibility with the assignment place. Of course, insurance solutions are included as well! If this interests or concerns you, contact us directly; we’ll be happy to tell more through our tailored-made solution specifically designed for YOU (you mean someone who wants it). To read all regarding actual earning potentials in your field, click below.

3. Support And Reachable Managers

The help of a personal contact person is always available for questions about working conditions, tasks, and so much more.

4. Continuing education and skills development

With personalized training and skills development, you will be even more sought after in the labor market.

5. Reduced Administration

As a hired nurse, you focus on clinical work and leave the administrative tasks up to others.

6. Appreciation for Your Efforts

We know how challenging it can be to balance work and personal life. That’sThat’s why we are here for you at Sens Care! We will always have someone on your team who knows about what matters most in the office, like appreciating efforts or recognizing promotions – ask any of our happy customers (and they’re sure, not easy to find!). So if these things mean anything special, then don’t hesitate; give us a call today, so one less thing falls through.

This is How You Get Started As a Hired Nurse

We offer the best of both worlds- control over your own time and a nurse who is competent in all areas. With our help, you’ll have an easy first assignment so that we can get things off on the right footing.

The hiring process is simple, and most people have assignments shortly after checking their references.

Full Service – We Make it Easy For You As a Staff Nurse

As a staff nurse, you’ll get the best service in this market. For example, We take care of all administration and practical issues when working in another location, That’s why our team does what they do best – such as arranging for everything from your uniform to how often patients need treatments (and more).

  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Contact with the employer
  • Tax issues
  • Mm

We’ve been in the industry since 2002, which has allowed us to witness both customer’s needs and consultant desires firsthand. This deep understanding of all aspects allows Sens Care not only to provide excellent services but also to build long-lasting relationships with our clients as well.

Nurses that work for us will have a wide range of job opportunities and options to choose from. We offer flexibility in an organization that puts people first, so our employees are happy too.

The best of both worlds – a stable career with plenty of opportunities to explore new horizons. We don’t just offer you assignments, and we want our staff members to be happy.

Staffing Nurse in Norway

Working as a staff nurse in Norway means getting experience from healthcare systems across Europe. The salary levels are very competitive, and your choice of how long to work here is up to you!

We Take Responsibility For Our Staffing Nurses

That’s why many of the nurses who work here have been with you for quite some time because it means so much more when you can trust your career decisions with someone else.

Salary and Conditions

The high and competitive remuneration offered by Sens Care will always make you happy as a staff nurse, based on your work. Factors like your qualifications or flexibility can affect how much money is available to earn in any given year – but it’s not just about salary!

There are many other perks of working here too:

  • Free parking at all hours
  • Discounts off products from our company store (like furniture)
  • Assistance with insurance plans through staffing contributions

The list goes forever, really, because we want nothing more than peace of mind knowing they’re taken care of while worrying less.

The Healthcare Association has agreed to cover the cost of your OB supplement, so you can get paid even if it is inconvenient for work.

Would you like to know what salary would be fair for your experience and qualifications? We can tell that based on the information we have about yourself, a specific amount might suit you well. Let us find out.

Employed or Through Own Company

If you’re a staff nurse at Sens Care, there are two options for employment: with your own company or as an employee. Salaries will be paid twice per month if employed directly by the care provider; however, we offer this same security in the case of Staff Nurses who work on their business ventures.

Your business is your baby. You want to take care of it. And there’s no better way than by taking on some help from Sens Care! Partner with EKTA and their team to assist you through every step – whether it’s monthly reconciliations or invoicing; they will be able to make sure everything runs smoothly (and free up time!).

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