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Starting and Maintaining Dreadlocks Men

Table of Contents

How to Start and Maintain Dreadlocks Men

In order to keep your locs best look, you have to understand how to take care of your dreadlocks men. To achieve the best look of your locs, most men prefer going to a locs specialist.

However, it Is possible to start locs by yourself; you will require someone to guide you on the sections of your head that you cannot reach comfortably. Discover tips on how to start and maintain dreadlocks men.

1.Select Your Loc Style

This is the first step where you must identify the loc style you want to rock in. The following are a few loc styles you can rock in as a man.

  • Free form is a type of locs that forms naturally, and the locs are free in different sizes and shapes. This style of locs comes to you when you just stop combing your hair and takes at least a year to form.
  • Comb coils– a comb is used to form tight, internally locked coils. It takes time to come up with the coils, but the result is thin and fine coils.
  • Twisted or braided– involves twisting or braiding the hair to the required thick locs and leaving the hair until it naturally locs with time. It is favorable for hair that is longer than 5 inches. 
  • Palm rolls– work best for medium to large dreadlocks men. Each section is rolled between the palms from the divided sections of your hair until a cylindrical shape is achieved. 
  • Interlocked– crochet is used to twist or weave uniform locs. However, it is time-consuming. You will have locs by the end of the day. This style is also used when locking new growth in dreadlocks men.
  • Sisterlocs/ brotherlocs– this method involves weaving your natural hair into locs using a small tool. By the end of the day, you will have your fully formed dreadlocks men if you use this method.
  • Backcombed locs– generally if the hair is textured, it will lock faster than fine hair. Backcombed locs are the best choice if you have fine hair. It involves backcombing or teasing the hair first before locs are formed.

Backcombed method may be used with any other method above, or else the sections that have been backcombed can be left alone for some months to lock by themselves.

2.Hair Care Products for  Dreadlocks Men

Before locking your hair, you should have it shampooed and conditioned. After locking your hair, you should shampoo and condition your hair every 7 to 10 days. You will need hair products that hold newly locked hair. 

You will also need hair products that can nourish your scalp for your dreadlocks men. These hair care products should be the ones that dry without having to flake.

To effectively maintain your dreadlocks, you must understand the type and texture of your hair.  This knowledge will help you know the number of times you require to apply leave-in-treatment in a week as a form of hair care.

3.Managing New Growth in Dreadlocks Men

Your dreadlocks stylist is responsible for advising you on what to do with the new growth on your dreadlocks. Most dreadlock styles only require using pomade and twisting the new growth once or twice a week.

It is not advisable to twist your growth daily as it weakens and breaks your hair. While twisting the new growth, gentleness is important to avoid breakages.

If you need comb coils or the woven method of managing new growth, it will call for a salon visit at least once every month.

4.Styling Your Dreadlocks Men

You should explore and have fun styling your dreadlocks men. For example, you can decide to keep your dreadlocks at the same length in the first year. 

Later, you should consider fun styles such as dying the tips of your dreadlocks, adding shells or other accessories, and cutting the hair into the fade with the locs on the top, among many other styles based on your preferences.

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