11 Things You Can Achieve With A Fashion Degree

When applying for a position in fashion, many people have misconceptions about the kind of jobs accessible after completing a fashion degree. However, since the fashion degree encompasses many disciplines, graduates can use their newly gained talents to seek real-world employment opportunities in various industries. Following is a list of possible occupations for you to pursue when you finish your fashion degree:


A job as a designer is worth considering for people with a real creative flair, a work addiction, and the capacity to thrive under pressure. It’s also a smart idea to start a clothing brand while you’re still in school because creating a brand takes time.

Trend forecaster

A profession as a trend forecaster will require you to analyse data, monitor fashion, and keep a close eye on global trends. This could include anticipating future trends and even attempting to re-start falling ones.

Retail buyer

A career as a retail buyer is ideal if you wish to influence the trends and styles of local shoppers. To pick clothing for big fashion stores, you will rely on your distinct sense of fashion, forecast forthcoming trends, and combine a grasp of local tastes.

Pattern engineer

A career as a pattern engineer is a possibility if you love the behind-the-scenes excitement and working on garment design rather than the final product. This person designs the blueprint or pattern sections for a particular garment design.

Costume design 

If you have a knack for drama and are an expert with a thread and needle, you could consider pursuing a career in the theatre! You can design classic theatrical outfits for operas and plays all across the globe.

Merchandise planning 

Merchandise planning is best suited to the more technically minded fashion grads who have an eye for numbers and budgets. This entails using sales and inventory to maximise ROI (return on investment). There’s a lot of research and staff training and retail management that goes into this.

Brand manager

If you’re a brand specialist with a commitment to excellence, a career as a brand manager may be right for you. You’ll be responsible for analysing customer purchasing trends, implementing marketing strategies, and promoting fashion sales whenever and wherever possible.

Fashion product manager 

The fashion product manager is responsible for everything from monitoring clothes production to organising fashion shows. This is the fashion designer’s “right-hand” person who will see to it that their vision is realised. 

Public Relations Officer

There are numerous public relations positions in the fashion industry. It’s a high-intensity profession that entails networking with the press and other fashionistas, staying ahead of the curve with your brand, and reacting fast to unfavourable media exposure.

Fashion media

A fashion degree from a reputable fashion school opens the door to a vast world of fashion journalism. There’s much to think about in this field: blogging, photography, magazine editorials, TV fashion reporting…there’s a lot to think about.

Professional make-up artist

Someone with a fashion degree can land a job as a make-up artist if they have a flair for the arts and a passion for fashion. You can work for theatres, journals, or production houses or start your own company.

A fashion degree will teach you about fashion trends, consumer lifestyles, market awareness, and political and socioeconomic factors that affect the fashion sector. The abilities learned while studying fashion can be used in various fields, resulting in a beneficial degree.