Crypto Casino KYC and Account Verification Explained 

Crypto casinos found on sites like have been taking off in recent years, as more and more people embrace the crypto space. These people understand the many inherent advantages of engaging in crypto gambling, rather than sticking with the same old types of online casinos.

One of the most basic tenets of cryptocurrencies is that they are a safe and secure way to transfer money, with people enjoying the anonymity that they provide.

While many of the best crypto casinos protect your identity as much as possible, some of them will need you to verify your account by providing some personal info. While you might think that this goes against the idea of crypto casinos, this article will explain just why it is necessary in most cases. 

What is Know Your Customer Verification? 

If you’ve ever used a traditional type of online casino that is licensed by the likes of the UK Gambling Commission, then you will probably know that you are required to verify the information that you provide to the operator. This usually needs to be done before you can make a withdrawal for the first time from your new account, with some operators requiring you to verify your info as soon as you set up the account.

The reason why online casinos need you to require your info is to make sure that you are who you say you are and old enough to use the platform, as well as help prevent money laundering from taking place. Usually, you will be asked to provide some photo ID, such as a passport or driving license, in addition to a document that showcases your address, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

The process of providing this information and proof is known as the know your customer (KYC) protocol. It is required in a lot of different settings, such as when setting up a bank account or engaging in most forms of online gambling. 

Why is KYC Verification Required? 

There are a few core reasons why KYC verification is normally necessary when dealing with the likes of BTC casinos. The operators will be looking to prevent fraud or money laundering from happening at all.

This means that they need to know exactly who is using their platform and being aware of any potentially dodgy links the accountholder might have. there are tremendous concerns about criminal organizations and terrorist groups laundering funds through different forms of gambling, including sports betting and casino gambling.

Another important reason why KYC is necessary is that it stops people who might be self-excluded from gambling from getting back into gambling. It allows operators to better track these people, protecting them from potential harm. 

What Documents are Required for KYC? 

There are usually only a couple of documents that you’ll need to provide to the best crypto casinos when it comes to the KYC process. You also will usually get approval from the Bitcoin casino within a short space of time for the documents. Here are the main things you need to have at the ready: 

Photo ID

To show that you are who you say you are and that you’re legally old enough to use that given platform, you will need to provide some photo ID. This can be a passport or a driving license. 

Proof of Address 

The BTC casino operator will also want to confirm that you live at the provided address. This means providing documentation backing up your claim. The likes of a bank statement or a utility bill showcasing your full name and address are normally sufficient. 

Proof of Funds 

Occasionally, you might be asked to provide proof of funds to an operator. This simply sees you having to provide a credit card statement if using that payment method or proving that the payment option you are using belongs to you. 

Do Crypto Casinos Require KYC? 

The best crypto casinos have e a lot going for them, which is why they have become so popular in recent years. Whether or not a given crypto casino has a KYC check or not is going to come down to their specific situation.

Some of the purer types of crypto casinos will not have any KYC checks in place, often only asking for very limited personal info, as they look to protect your anonymity as much as possible. The majority of the best crypto casinos will have some sort of KYC checks in place that you need to follow. This can be down to the regulator that the crypto casino deals with.

Many platforms also prefer to protect player safety as much as possible. If you are someone who wants to share little to no personal info, then there are crypto casinos for you. However, many of the best crypto casinos will ask for the likes of photo ID and proof of address. 

Pros and Cons of KYC vs No KYC Crypto Casinos 

Just like any sort of debate, there will usually be a variety of pros and cons linked to both sides of the argument. The same goes for the topic of KYC checks. Here is a breakdown of the main arguments for and against both approaches: 

KYC Casinos Pros 

  • Showcases reliability for the casino site
  • Allows for safe transactions
  • Stop fraud and crime
  • Better protects problem gamblers 

KYC Casino Cons 

  • Can be delays in withdrawals
  • New payment methods might require additional checks 

No KYC Crypto Casino Pros 

  • Great anonymity
  • Minimal withdrawal delays
  • Flexible range of payment options
  • Can play in restricted regions 

No KYC Crypto Casino Cons 

  • Could be an untrustworthy platform
  • Allows problem gamblers to bypass self-exclusion 


Whether or not you go for an online casino that requires KYC checks or not is going to be down to your preferences. Now that you know what KYC checks entail and what options you then have open to you, you can decide which approach you want to take. Whatever way you go, there will be plenty of amazing platforms for you to check out.