Are there different categories of rollators?

You will find rollators with inflatable wheels or solid rubber tires, toilet fill valves types rollators for indoor or outdoor use, which we will discuss in more detail in the next chapter. However, we have noticed in the various rollator tests on the Internet that the type of folding divides the rollators into two different types:

Longitudinally folded

  • Individual parts between the handles fold together due to pressure inwards
  • Fabric seats can be folded lengthwise
  • Tab on seat must be pulled slightly upwards to fold
  • Very simple mechanism
  • Very low effort
  • Very light, foldable rollators
  • Foldable while standing without bending down
  • Rollator is also folded alone

Transversely folded

  • Front area including seat is folded to the rear area
  • Seat made of solid material, usually with upholstery
  • Seat is fixed only on one side with a metal brace
  • A fuse must be released before folding to pull the front and rear parts together
  • Robust, fixed rollators
  • Higher weight, good for heavy people
  • Are usually offered by health insurance companies
  • Usually have to be folded and leaned against a wall

Both variants are absolutely impeccable walking aids, which provide very good services as a rollator for seniors. A tall, strong man will probably cope comfortably with everyday life even with the fixed seats and folding mechanisms despite physical limitations. Small, light ladies, on the other hand, benefit from a foldable, lightweight rollator that can be worn, folded and driven even with little physical strength. However, the fabric seats are often also suitable for heavy people.

Tip: Longitudinally foldable rollators with fabric seats can be loaded up to 150 kg on average, i.e. suitable for a large part of the population. Since the cash registers like to pay rather cheap, transversely foldable models, you should compare purchase prices and co-payments to treat yourself to the greatest comfort.

How do you recognize rollator test winners?

Simply buying the winner of Stiftung Warentest or other comparison portals can be a good choice for some people. In the next chapters of our purchase advice, however, we would like to introduce you to the most important details from which you can identify the best rollator for your needs or the requirements of your relatives. You should not just buy any cheap rollator on the Internet or at Rossmann, but choose the best solution for height, weight and the life situation of the restricted person.

Are height and width related to height?

The dimensions of the rollator must necessarily match the user’s body. A very narrow rollator can usually be folded lengthwise and can also be stored in a small apartment between trips to save space. Unfortunately, a narrow model is also only equipped with a narrow seat, which only allows petite people a break in sitting. Measure the width of the buttocks also in combination with a thick winter jacket, so that the person can rest comfortably on the seat between the handles in any season.

In addition to the seat width, determine the weight of the user and choose a lightweight rollator or a rollator with forearm pads or other details whose maximum load capacity harmonizes with it. steps to clean shower wall height-adjustable handles can be adjusted to the user’s height. By the way, the handles can be adjusted separately, so that you can take into account existing incorrect postures and restrictions. For a healthy posture, the handles should be at the level of the wrists when the person is standing upright. Handles set too high up can cause tension, while too deep grips promote back problems.