The Height Of Your TV Mount Matters More Than You Think

There always comes a phase in your life when you tell yourself that it’s time to get rid of the old flat screen and get the new and improved LED/LCD TV.  When buying a new TV, people often wonder at what height they really want to place their TV. Living in a city like Atlanta GA, you’ll find none better than RMS Installs to have your TV mounted perfectly!

If you’re thinking about getting a wall mount for your TV, make sure that your TV is at the right height. A television would certainly look good if placed over a fire-place but that will cause a crick in your neck or even worse headaches when watching your TV at that position for hours. Before you get that TV mounted, just know that the height of the mount is very subjective. You should always do with what you are comfortable with, do not listen to anybody else because in the end, it’s you who is going to watch that TV, not others.

If you’ve been using the standard flat screen on a TV stand or a dresser for years, you might be used to that height, and so for the new LED you would want to make sure to have a similar height for the TV. Choosing the perfect height and position of your TV might be a scratch-in-the-head situation for many people and so making sure that your eyes are centered if it’s in a room where you will sit for a long period of time to watch the TV. For most people, it would be 42 inches from the floor in a seated position.

Mounting TV when you have kids

Now if you are mounting you’re TV in a room where you have small kids, you may want that TV to be a bit higher than normal. Just high enough to keep it high for the kids. You might save your TV from unwanted damage in this way.

Mounting TV in a bedroom

Many people do consider mounting their TV in the bedroom and so for that reason, mounting the TV higher could be a viable option too because you’ll be laying down mostly while watching the TV or if you want to leave room for a sound bar or other decor items.

Mounting TV in a sports bar

If you are going to have a viewing for a crowd, let’s say if you want to have a big match screening at a sports bar, then that’s another occasion where you’ll want your TV to be mounted high. One reason is for people to view it without having to look over other people’s heads, and also because it’s a safety feature and again it’s out of reach and it prevents people from being tempted to change the channel.

Last but not the least, you should just forget about the tiny details that you might consider for the mounting process, all the mathematics and stuff, just be sure that whatever height you choose is comfortable for you and gives you a viewing experience that you are content with. It’s important to just make sure that your TV height is not too high or too low.

One thing you would never want to happen is to have your TV mounted incorrectly and have it re-mounted all over again. Not only does that take a lot of energy and time, but it also leaves unnecessary marks on your walls. You won’t have to worry about all that as long as RMS Installs are at your service. For more information and queries related to TV mounting, please feel free to contact RMS Installs Atlanta GA.


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