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The history of massage

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No one knows when the first humans tried to avoid pain or discomfort in other bodies, but that may have been the beginning of human development, and since then, the history of massage has been documented. It was first written by the Chinese about 5,000 years ago.

Today, the most popular types of massage are Chinese and Chinese therapies, which involve reshaping body parts to create balance and increase strength. The Japanese, perhaps imitating their rivals, transformed it and developed a unique massage therapy.

Massage is found in all cultures.

 Developments in Rome, Greece, China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia have made movies and systems a favorite. Early physicians, who called Plato the “inventor of the Greek gymnast,” encouraged students and patients alike.

Hippocrates, often referred to as the “Father of Medicine,”

Wrote, “Physicians have many advantages, but they can actually be eliminated.” Although Hippocrates did not recommend the severe and long-term treatment used at the time, he believed that physicians should be aware of the method of massage, especially in the joints. This is one of the first examples of what is now known as 스웨디시 massage.

Massage therapists are said to have cured the famous Julius Caesar in Rome. The book suggests that trainers use a variety of moves to treat neuralgia from the imperial and epileptic seizures.

Centuries later, after the Renaissance,

the French emperor Ambrose Parole returned to massage training as a surgeon. This indicates that the muscles and bones are flexible and functional, which leads to the spread of toxins and improves the body’s ability to heal.

Per Henrico Ling, a Swedish gymnast was a young Swedish massage therapist in the early 1800s. Many massage therapists now start with these basic techniques and focus on a specific type of massage. These include deep massage, sports massage, shiatsu, reflexology, hot stone massage, prenatal massage, sacral massage and more.

When any eye strain or redness,

The main purpose of therapeutic massage is the relief of soft tissue intended to repair damage, bruises, bruises or other parts of the body. However, there are special procedures and types of massage. There are sports massage, myofascial massage, neuromuscular massage, Swedish massage, acupressure, Thai massage, vats’ and hydrotherapy massage. Massage therapists should review the different types, examine the procedures and decide what is best for the client.

This may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but it is not. Massage therapy can quickly be divided into two types: Eastern (or Eastern or Asian), and Western. Although there is a hybrid in these two types of basic massage therapy, the procedures are different. The blends have a clear shape that focuses on the type of massage.

Oriental massage is based on traditional massage

Techniques and pressure massage techniques. Although the theories of Thai massage, shiatsu, and a mo and tux nay point to the existence of many forms of life force, these techniques include working on the core and body. For example, in a battery press, there are 365 acupuncture points on the body. Manufacturers of this method press a place with the finger or hand. Over time, this pressure can reduce pain, reduce stress, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, and prevent nausea. In reflexology, experts use the reflex area. Each part of the foot represents some part of the human body. The area may be affected by other organs, glands or organs. Clicking on the meditation helps to remove the obstruction or anonymity in the body. It prevents or eliminates diseases and ailments.

There are no acupuncture points defined in the form of a western massage.

 Practitioners use 5 basic exercises to reduce stress, reduce stress and heal the body itself. These five basic tips for classic massage or Swedish massage are in French nomenclature. These are runoff, petrifaction, fractions, tapping and vibration. Effleurage is a long and gentle movement, while Petri sage refers to the movement of the flesh. During rubbing, practitioners make circular movements with their hands, in tapping, clapping, or punching.

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