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The Importance Of Having A Cleaning Company

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The importance of cleaning the workplace and the place of rest by a specialized and professional cleaning company.

Keeping your home and workplace in perfect clean conditions is essential for a healthy life, both physically and mentally, since the benefits of a clean place are numerous and affect the emotional life of the individual more than we think both in the internal relationships of well-being and in the way we relate to others.

Cleanliness in the work environment is of the utmost importance. Keeping work areas clean provides greater productivity, a considerable reduction in accidents and greater comfort for the worker and a better image for the customer. The employee must have as a rule the maintenance of his area clean and tidy and dedicate the last moments of his day to this task.

The hiring of a rengøring company that is dedicated to cleaning offices, and the rest of the company’s facilities, must be used in such a way that it is considered a support to the worker, a way to complete and deepen the cleaning tasks that the employee performs on a daily basis.

It is different when it comes to cleaning communities, in this case it is the neighborhood that must treat the facilities with respect and not dirty excessively. It should only get dirty due to the proper use of the common areas of the buildings and not due to continued neglect. This not only helps the cleaning process of the contracted company, but the inter-neighborhood relationship improves notably if everyone is careful in the common areas and does not dirty a space that belongs to everyone for free.

To contract a cleaning company that deals with the maintenance of neighborhood communities, an administration agreement must be reached, which requires a double majority of owners and coefficients, calculated on the owners present and represented at the General Meeting in which that the agreement is adopted, according to article 17.7 of the Horizontal Property Law.

The steps to choose the company that is going to dedicate itself to carrying out the community cleaning tasks are the following:

  • Convene an extraordinary community meeting based on article 16 of the Horizontal Property Law, and legally propose the decision to contract the services of this type of company. Approve the due budget and its impact on fees, if necessary.
  • Adopt the agreements and include them in the Minutes of the Meeting and proceed to send copies, both to attendees and absentees.
  • Hire the cleaning company that has been selected by agreement or vote.
  • If, as a result of this contract, a fee is not paid by a neighbor, it may proceed against them through a payment order procedure, regulated by article 21 of this same Law.

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