Top 6 themes for events and occasions


The decorators have to be extremely accurate in their own way of elaborating any particular theme and decoration. They amplify any simple wedding occasion into a magnificent affair.  Without spending Lakhs of crores on the wedding stage decoration, and taking consultations from professionals, you can incorporate this into your D-Day. 

  • White Surreal weddings

The main motive of this entire wedding theme is basically “White”, This particular color is undoubtedly very surreal, and beautiful in its own way. The colour pattern has to be really light and ordained into the theme of Christian-White wedding stage decoration. 


As, white is a color of mourning for Hindus and Muslims’ they use lighter pastel shades like off-white, cream, beige, or such Millennials colors for the entire wedding stage decoration. Lights are a big part of any kind of event organisation, similarly the exorbitant white weddings as well.                

  • Floral Fragrant weddings

The term floral explains the prime theme of this wedding stage decoration. Decoration with means of flowers, in and as the medium. Not only the entire decoration is supposed to be with fake or real flowers but this theme is also used to highlight designs and patterns on a wedding stage decoration. 


Patterns made in the shade of a flower or leaves that are decorated with other stuff but this theme is really popular in day wedding stage decorations. The name itself suggests the basic decorating subjects. The lavender flowers, the color is slightly in between purple and pink. 

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall

The mirrors are placed adjacent to one another, creating the beauty of illusion for the viewers. It is one of the most commonly used practices, especially for people who prefer illusion beauty for a wedding stage decoration.  Even the simplest of mirrors are stitched into a sheet, like dupattas and curtains. All the decorations are surrounded around it, and it happens to be the waist of the wedding stage decoration.  

  • Royalty or the King’s Palace 

The wedding stage decoration is considered royal, because of its magnificent similarity of it with other monuments and halls. They happen to be closer to such Kingship themes, and organising events in this pattern creates an illusion of great royalty and prestige.  Royal wedding stage decorations are supposed to be of royal prestige. Resembling the dignity of kings, and queens. Wedding stage decoration of this type resembles 

  • Chandelier the impression of royalty 

A chandelier is the real beauty of any royal palace or grand place. Palaces have magnificent Chandeliers, so a decoration like this is supposed to have the impression of the big palace with the royal look of kingship and Fort. The lightings are unbelievably big and huge. Chandeliers are probably a centrepiece, around which other decorations seem really vague and plain Having that at the wedding Stage decoration is highly royal. 

  • Shadowed behind the Curtains 

Every wedding needs to be covered with a particular theme that is associated either with the couple’s story or the background aspects of their community. For example, a wedding stage decoration with curtains mainly emphasizes a tent structure. The curtains are the real attraction of such exorbitant Flower Gate decorations and fancy stories. 


Colourful curtains, sheets, and other articles are set important in this wedding stage decoration. Curtains are wrapped, or displayed alongside the mandaps and stage. Sometimes, portrayed alongside some other sort of design like floral, or royal. 


The main wedding stage decoration somewhat played around the rest of the wedding theme. So, wisely choose it for your occasion, especially if it is your own wedding. Remember the colour pattern, that is working with the rest of the theme and choose each aspect wisely. As far as we know, every wedding stage decoration has its own uniqueness and it is entirely upon you on how you’re going to function it for the big day. 


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