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Top 7 Foods You Can Sell From Home

Foods You Can Sell
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Do you think about different ways to make money from home? If you are not the kind of person who likes to spend a significant time in the day looking at their laptop screen, then you might want to start selling food from home.

Certain foods are incredibly profitable. Read on to learn more about the most profitable and best-selling food options that you can actually make at home.

Some General Things to Know

Before we jump into the list, you ought to know that every state has its own Cottage Food Laws, which is why you might want to check in with your state and see whether the potential foods you might be selling are categorized as hazardous or non-hazardous.

Remember, if you are starting a food business, even if your Cottage Food Laws do not require you to incorporate, it is recommended to incorporate your LLC because of the liability.

Nonetheless, the foods listed below are easy to make with simple recipes. And what is so special about these is that you can use your imagination and create numerous variations of the classic food snacks and set up your small business while selling them from home.

Now, since you will be selling the products from home, you will also need to get fresh produce packaging supplies to get the products safely and hygienically to your customers and even the supermarket shelves, food festivals, and other events.

The pricing will be based on where you live and how much of an ingredient you purchase to make the products. But, overall, these are food products that are not only simple to make, but when made in bulk, they start to be very cheap.

Here is the list:


Believe it or not but cakes cost next to nothing to make. The more detailed the cakes are, for instance, if you are going to use fondant or fancy sanding sugars, the cost of cakes can slightly go up. But, overall, compared to other foods, cakes are very inexpensive to make.

The markup on them is enormous. This perfectly explains why you see people who specialize in wedding cakes and charge hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars for cakes. Meanwhile, the cakes that are sold for thousands of dollars only cost a fraction of them to make.

Depending on the type of cake you make, it might be time-consuming. According to the required details, some cakes require more ingredients and time, but the overall cost is very minimal.


Believe it or not, people actually demand old-fashioned traditional preserves. And the upside is that preserves are very inexpensive to make. According to some Cottage Food Laws, preserves are not allowed in certain countries and regions, but the vast majority of them do okay.

Therefore, it would be better to check in with the laws before you start making preserves.

Seasoned Nuts

You can order nuts, either mixed nuts or a specific nut, such as pistachio or cashew – whatever it may be. Make sure that you get them in bulk and break them down. You can get anywhere from a dollar to three dollars for one pound of the nut.

You can earn loads of profit by selling an entire pound of nuts that you have seasoned or roasted – or had a little bit of time and effort to put it together, get it in a bag, and label it for a price that is three times more than the amount you invested on a pound of nuts; you will reap enormous profit.

So, seasoned nuts are something that you definitely want to look into.


Similar to the classic muffins, nothing can go wrong with brownies. Everyone loves brownies, and this food is something that makes loads of sense to make at home because there are numerous ways to make brownies and appeal to a vast audience.

You can customize brownies and set up an online page where potential customers can personalize their brownie orders to make things a notch higher. You can also sell brownies in a circular round pen like a pie or a cake.

Remember to get your creative side on!

Chocolate Confections

Up next on the list, we have chocolate confections. Chocolate confections are very popular and always in demand. You can get chocolate in huge quantities at a meager price. You can break down the chocolate and make the chocolate by hand.

Like cakes, chocolate confections are more about time than the ingredients – the markup on this food is vast. If you have never made chocolate confections before, you will be investing more time in learning to work with this specific item.

So, in the beginning, it will be time-consuming. But soon, you will understand how to make the chocolate confections, and you will be making them very quickly.

Energy Bites

If you have never heard of energy bites before, let us tell you that it is trendy, and the ingredients to bring this food product together are nuts, brown sugars, corn syrups, butter, and other very inexpensive ingredients.

Energy bites are hugely trendy now as people have become more mindful of what they put in their mouths. Big companies like Kellogg’s are mass-producing energy bites – you can find a variety at the grocery stores.

Now your unique selling point will be the twist that you will make to the ingredient. You need to get your creative side on and use your imagination.

For instance, you can come up with different flavor profiles and variations on the energy bites recipe. You can make a huge margin if you do it the right way.

Classic Muffins

Next up on the list, we have delicious homemade muffins. There are infinite recipes, and if you don’t have an imagination, you can find countless ideas online. If you find something great on the internet, you can utilize those recipes and create your own versions of classic muffins.

Again, the base ingredients of muffins are very cheap. We are talking about eggs, milk, butter, and flour. When you make a product in bulk, your margins are astronomical. At least for when you want to put in perspective that you are making the products at home and making loads of money selling muffins.

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