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Top Urdu News Sources for Breaking News in Pakistan

Top Urdu News
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The Urdu media industry in Pakistan has grown exponentially over the past few years, and you have an abundance of choices when it comes to news sources. From established players like Geo TV and Dawn News to smaller blogs and local newspapers, there’s no shortage of outlets for keeping up with the news in Pakistan. If you’re looking to keep track of Top Urdu news or breaking news Pakistan or just want to get started with Urdu news as a hobby, then this list of top Urdu news sources will help you find your way around the industry.

How do news channels work and how do they gather news?

When you hear of breaking news Pakistan or top Urdu news then you most likely think of television and major news sources, but that’s far from being all there is to consider only. The channels gather the news as they have many different sources. They also hire journalists and reporters all around the world who gather the news with great efficiency and accuracy and make sure that the news reaches the audience on time.

Today, the dynamic has changed a bit. People are more inclined towards social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, or they Google things and reach out the new websites, if you are an Urdu reader or speaker then you should visit one of the top Urdu news websites rim news. pk. They share the latest and authentic news, they also have their YouTube channel with the same name, Rim news, and you can also visit that. 

Some other websites to catch the latest news and headlines

Apart from knowing top Urdu news from rim if you want to visit other websites then you may also, visit

  • The Express Tribune
  •  Dawn 
  • Jang Group of Newspapers
  •  Radio Pakistan
  •  NNI National News
  •  Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)
  •  Business Recorder
  •  The Economist Magazine
  •  Al Jazeera 

You can also take a look at these online editions: The Express Tribune, Dawn, Business Recorder, and Nation. They have different sections like world news (international), politics, business, and entertainment that you can visit to catch breaking news headlines. 

Check out our list of top ten Pakistani newspapers: 

  • Daily Jang
  • Mashriq
  • Daily Express
  • The Muslim
  • Dawn
  • The News
  • Khabrain
  • Dunya
  • Nawa-i-Waqt
  • Aaj Kal 

These publications cover national and international news stories, with features on arts & culture as well as sports reports on cricket.

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Some alternative sources for news headlines

Twitter Trending, Google Hot Trends, Top Stories on Google Search/News/Images. A potential option is a customized RSS feed (requires some technical knowledge) or an email subscription to one of these sources from your favorite news website. You could use these options as a starting point and then expand by finding other sources. I would say it’s always good to test multiple sources to find which is most credible according to the specific topic you are covering.

For example, if I’m trying to cover top breaking news Pakistan stories – I would go with country-specific sites before general ones. If you’re writing about IT-related topics – you may want to start with Reddit and dig deeper using follow-up questions based on what people are talking about/providing feedback/answering questions in relation to that particular topic. The beauty of Reddit is that there are thousands of active communities that can provide insight into their perspective(s).

Alternatively, you can source content directly from companies but try reaching out to them via social media channels first as they tend to have rules against unsolicited material sent through bulk emails. In both cases treat writing pitches like a sales pitch and leverage your background/experience in your industry; show them how they will benefit over time.

What about English newspapers?

You may not read newspapers anymore, but most people in Pakistan do. And that’s why you should get on it if you want to stay ahead of the curve. However, while English newspapers are still a good source of breaking news Pakistan, they aren’t necessarily preferred by readers. As the breaking news Pakistan reaches them through social media outlets before the newspapers reach them. People just Google things. If you are looking for news sources online, though, there is an increasing number of options to choose from.  One of the top Urdu news websites has also been mentioned above, rim news. pk. These outlets have truly revolutionized the news culture not only in Pakistan but the whole world.  

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