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Track Your Sleep with these Apps  Insomniacs’ Best Friend – Sleep Tracking Apps

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Let’s agree on one thing sleep is mysterious. One day you will sleep for 10 hours straight while the other day you would even struggle to make it through 4 hours of sleep. And much of it is because of the lifestyles we have now. Talking about myself I would binge-watch shows using Cox gigablast and stay up till late at night. 

Do you find it hard to keep a track of your sleep? Then, you should install sleeping apps on your mobile. These apps can help you keep a check on your sleeping patterns. I would personally suggest you a tracking device, I have used it myself. That DVC is UPSN Tracking. If you want more details about this then visit the mentioned link.  Let’s explore some of the best ones for Android devices.


Nothing will trigger your anxiety more than knowing that you have a busy day ahead and you can’t sleep. However, you do not need to worry anymore as Noisli is here to help you. The best part is that what was available on the web in the past is available as a mobile version as well now. 

In case you didn’t have the chance of using this app before, Noisli allows you to create a mix of sounds that you find soothing. These could be any sounds. From thunderstorms to rumbling trains, one could find peace in any sound. Because everyone’s definition of soothing sounds is different, the app allows you to create a customized mix.

One of the best features of the app is that it allows you to set a timer. This means that the music will stop playing once you are asleep. Other than that, many users agree to use the app for productivity apart from inducing a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Time

If you wish to have a more scientific approach to sleep, then you should make Sleep Time your best friend. The app allows you to keep track of your daily routine and activities. Apart from that, you can also keep a record of your sleeping patterns. All of this happens with the app detecting your movement. Moreover, you can also create a mix of soothing sounds in this app as well. Select sounds that can lull you to sleep. 

Not only this, but the smart technology in the app means that the alarm will wake you up when you are at the lightest phase of your sleep. Thus, not letting you feel groggy. The coolest feature is that you can add notes regarding your sleeping habits. Hence, making it easy for you to remember little details you might forget otherwise. 

Sleep Cycle

Are you looking to improve your sleep and not just track it? If yes, then you won’t find a better app than Sleep Cycle. The app will wake you up at the perfect time in your sleep cycle. And it does so by keeping a track of your movement, position, and noises. After analyzing all these, the app will wake you up at an optimal time gradually. This helps ensure that you feel refreshed when you wake up and are ready to take on the day’s challenges. 

Moreover, if you happen to be a stat lover, you will find a lot in this app that would be to your liking. For example, a detailed analysis of the sleep patterns and sleep graphs. Having said all this, you should know that there is a little downside to using this app as well – the premium version is not free. But you can do without a premium version as well. 

Rain Sleep Sounds

This app is for individuals who fall asleep after hearing the sound of the rain. If the same sound lulls you to sleep now as well, then you should download Rain Rain Sleep Sounds. The sounds in the app will put you in the ‘relax’ mode. Thus, making it easy for you to sleep. The best part about the app is that it comes with over a hundred natural sounds installed already. 

So, you get to hear a variation of rain sounds. For example, raining in a tent, and some distant thunderstorms. You even have the choice to mix the sounds and create your customized track. In case, you are wondering how to turn the app off, then a custom timer will fade off the sounds themselves. Thus, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep. If you want to get kinds of products review, you need to visit the Online Demand Reviews.


If you want a variety of sounds but cannot compromise on their quality, then opt for Sleep. The app has around 32 sounds that have been carefully picked for you. The best part is that they come sorted into four different categories including rain, nature, meditation, and city. Like many other apps, Sleep allows users to create customized mixes as well. 

I hope you find these apps helpful. Remember that you would need the Internet to install them. For me, Optimum works the best because I find Optimum Internet cost affordable and service efficient. However, listening to the sounds may not always require you to have a connection to the Internet. 

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