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How Displaying UGC Can Make an Impact in Hospitality Industry?

People are always excited to explore new places and photograph and share any interesting views and things they come across on social media. That’s unconsciously promoting hotels, cafes, restaurants, resorts, etc., by your guests. Such content is known as user-generated content, and it plays an essential role in helping hospitality industry brands promote their services. 

One of the best marketing touchpoints where brands use UGC is digital signage by displaying photos of guests playing at the beachside of the resort, having dinner at your restaurant, or showing reviews.

Hospitality sector brands today are focusing on engaging guests along with providing them an exceptional experience. You should also leverage this high-value UGC for your marketing campaigns and get better results. Still not sure? Here are some ways in which displaying UGC in hospitality industry helps brands.

How UGC on Digital Signage is benefitting the Hospitality Industry?

1. Promote Your Amenities and Upsell

In places like restaurants, resorts, entertainment centers, etc., there are many services and experiences which can be provided to the guests. So displaying UGC for all your top amenities will help you gain more attraction to the amenities from guests. For example, in your resort, a guest is there to stay for a 2-day work trip. Seeing all the amenities on your hotel digital signage will encourage the guest to visit them during his free time. 

UGC on digital signage is a great promotional tool as it will help your guests explore all the great things you offer and entice them to try out the experiences themselves.

2. Encourage Guests to Share UGC

Watching people share their experiences spreads positive energies and encourages others to share their fun moments. This is the power of UGC. By showcasing UGC on digital signage, you can encourage all your guests to share their experiences and mention your brand. UGC leads to more of its creation and gives your business more audience visibility and engagement. 

You can also encourage UGC through digital signage by adding a private post option. So your guests can directly share UGC with you and not on a third-party platform.

3. Engage Your Guests with Contents and Games

The only point of connection between your visitors and brand is through your staff. However, you can take that to the virtual world. You can run contests and games on your digital signage, ask your visitors to shoot photos and videos keeping your place in the background or spotlight and share them with you. Offering prizes or gifts in return will motivate your visitors to participate in the activity and share UGC with you. 

4. Establish Trust and Brand Authenticity

Showcasing authentic user reviews from platforms like Google, Yelp, Airbnb, or Facebook and visual UGC will help you build trust in your new customers and audience. Initially, people are hesitant to try new places, but when you show them that you are a trusted brand and your guests will have a pleasant experience, they will be more relaxed and trust your brand. How can you make them believe? By showing user-generated content created by your happy customers.  

You can place digital signage screens near your front desk and in the reception area to attract maximum attention from the guests and appeal to them from the beginning of their experience.  

5. Build Solid Customer Relationships

It’s a fact that customer experience is the top priority for the hospitality industry. But to build a good customer-brand relationship, it is important to treat your customers well and appreciate them. Confused about how you can appreciate your customers? If they have shared social media posts, reviews, videos, etc., then you can reshare them on your digital signage. 

It will show your guests that your brand values them and cares for their experiences. The feeling of being valued by a brand is great for common people, and they will remember your brand for the efforts you put in. By bringing your customers’ experiences to the forefront, you can build strong relationships with your customers and turn them into loyal customers and brand advocates. 

Final Thoughts

Photos of guests playing at the beachside of the resort or having dinner at your restaurant on social media are far better than professionally edited photographs to promote the customer experience that your brand provides. Because no words can charm your hospitality brand’s audience as well as those said by your happy customers, and no visuals can interest your guests as well as your satisfied guests’ smiles and experiences. That is the influence of UGC! 

And sharing user-generated content on your digital signage will mean you are creating a bridge that connects your audience with your brand because UGC influences people in their decisions. UGC will help you win more customers, but most importantly, it will make them happy with your services, involve them with your brand, and grow your hospitality business. 

So are you ready to use UGC for your hospitality business?

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