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Weak WiFI Signal? Here’s the Top 4 Common Reasons Why

Weak WiFI Signal
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Experiencing a weak WiFi signal can be quite frustrating because it can disrupt your online activities significantly. However, for you to be able to resolve the issue, you have to first figure out the root cause of why your WiFi signal is weak. This article lists down some of the most common reasons why you are experiencing a weak WiFi signal.

Obstruction in the way of your router position

One of the primary reasons why you may have a weak WiFi signal is obstructions because of where your router is positioned. Even if you have one of the best wireless NBN plans, but your router is hidden in a cabinet where it can’t broadcast the signal accordingly, then you won’t be able to enjoy the speed and data features that your plan offers. In this case, make sure that your router is located in an area that is free of obstruction. As much as possible, it should also be a good distance away from other gadgets that can cause signal interference.

Outdated router firmware

Another reason why you may have a weak WiFi signal is outdated router firmware. You need to be on top of the updates in the firmware of your router to ensure that it will be able to broadcast the signal optimally. Fortunately, for most routers, firmware upgrades happen automatically. However, there are instances wherein you may need to perform the update manually for your router to be able to function properly. This means that you may have to access the configuration settings of your router through a web browser.

Large home

In case you have a large home, your router may not be able to reach certain areas, which may be causing a weak WiFi signal. If this is the case, then it is a good idea for you to invest in a WiFi repeater to extend the reach of your signal. Just keep in mind that the repeater will merely spread the signal all over your home but it won’t be able to enhance the signal coming from your router. This means that if the signal from your router is already weak in the first place, the repeater won’t be able to do much to strengthen it.

Several unauthorised connections

Finally, if there are several devices connected to your internet, then this can also cause a weak WiFi signal, particularly when your plan is designed to only cater to a number of connections at a time. In this case, what you can do is inspect the devices that are connected to your internet. Make sure to kick out the unauthorized devices and see if your WiFi signal improves. It will also be a good idea to leverage a strong password for your router to ensure that no more unauthorized gadgets will be connected moving forward.

Final Word

A weak WiFi signal can be attributed to many factors such as obstructions in the way of your router position as well as an outdated router firmware. It can also be that the capacity of your router cannot cater to the size of your home or there are several unauthorized devices connected to your internet. For you to be able to enhance your WiFi signal, figure out if any of these is causing the problem and from there, you will be able to address it accordingly.

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